Juncker And Tusk Lay Down Terms

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vetuste_ennemi | 02:14 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
10 Answers the press conference following the Council of Ministers' decision about the UK's request for an A50 extension.

Mrs May allowed a brief moment on the stage, jerking her limbs more marionette-like than ever, to make the only significant point (by silence when questioned on the point) that the new October 31st deadline (Halloween,Michael Myers, dead - geddit?) was only the third shot on a par five hole.

Five, of course, is not five as idiots who stare at either one of their hands might understand it - as in a fixed number. With sufficient intelligence and attention to detail (intrant Jim and fellow sophisticates) five may become six. Or indeed any other number which puts Brexit beyond reach.


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They may as well have gone the whole hog and made it November the 5th because I've a feeling that 17.4 million would like to see Parliament blown to smithereens right now........

Not sure I can stomach another seven and a half months of it all over the news. Ho hum.
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The irony, Chilldoubt, is that in 1630 Parliament was determined to assert its supremacy over that of a "divinely anointed" autocrat, but is now equally determined to remain subject to a self-appointed oligarchy. And this despite the Briitish electorate having voted for Westminster to reclaim its surrendered powers.
Well I am surprised, NOT.
//The irony, Chilldoubt, is that in 1628 Parliament asserted its supremacy over a "divinely anointed" autocrat, but yap yap blah blah you can imagine the rest//

yeah I noticed the paralllel - thousands havent ( I suspect because they dont read)

and difference today is that 2018 - Parliament asserted supremacy and then couldnt find a way through !

even the less observant on this site have noted that
Brexit was to assert independence and all that has happened is that Parliament has had terms dictated to it

as some swish Fransh haute fonctionnaire said
we know what parliament doesnt want
but no one ( not even parliament ) knows what it DOES want !
Another waste of time, extending the uncertainty just to avoid for a while the responsibility of delivering the exit we decided on. For shame on all those responsible; they shall go down in infamy in the history books.
yep once again she lies down and gets tub guffed on prime time. She would. she's one of them, like most of the MPs she cares more about the EUSSR gravy train than the UK. Disgusting VB traitors.
Need to ramp it up a bit, Tora, this one's lost it's shock value.

I feel an abandonment of the process coming soon.
sadly doug I think you are right, they've been working on project Thwart since the start. Hence my post on another referendum.
Tories are now finished.

I predict a wipeout in the local elections and a wipeout in the EU elections (I assume we have to have them now?0

And then a wipe out in the GE.

Well done May, officially the most useless PM in history.

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Juncker And Tusk Lay Down Terms

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