Ok In The 6 Months We Have We Should Have A Binding Referendum.

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ToraToraTora | 08:59 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
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No parliament approval no admin just implementation of the decision within 2 weeks. What would be your choices?
1) Leave with No deal
2) leave with May's deal
3) Remain
which ever gets' the most wins, end of.


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Truth hurts doesn’t it ymb :-)
Aog was spot on at 9:20(not a sentence I have ever said before:-))
Why is the myth still perpetuated that all old people voted leave, then say a lot of them have died to be replaced with young people who will vote the other way. A lot of old people voted remain, they may have died and will be replaced by young people who will vote to leave. They see their lives being ruined if we stay.
Young informed people will never vote to leave.
No. 1 for me.
"Young informed people will never vote to leave"
My 19 year old granddaughter is both intelligent and informed and she would vote to leave.....along with her boyfriend and a good number of their 'young' friends.
Does this OP imply the initial referendum wasn't binding?
Also i hate to say it.. but there are ill informed people of all ages.
diddlydo, //Young informed people will never vote to leave. //

There are lots who did.
It's a shame that it cannot be ascertained who voted leave and or remain.
If there were a second referendum it should be only open to the leavers who won the first one.The two options should be (1)No deal (2) No deal.
the following article was put together when a 2nd referendum was first mooted at the end of last summer. it's not just the legislation for the referendum that needs to be set, but the conduct of the referendum - including the campaign - is bound by statute, PPERA.

whilst the article sets out how the process could be shortened, it wouldn't be by much, and again relies on the content of the question being agreed. realistically it's a non starter without a delay beyond 31st October.
We will not need "another" referendum. By Halloween the World and the EUSSR will be a very different place. Financial instability is stalking once again starting, as ever, in the US. Deutsche Bank is still on the brink as are other EUSSR satellite nations. Think Italy and Greece. Macron may well be gone, Merkel will be, May hopefully. The three M egos indeed. Trump is going to be on the attack and MI6 is scrambling to prevent him releasing documents about the attempt by the Obama left wing circus to take him down. The Eastern "members" of the EUSSR are not going to cave in to demands to toe the line on immigration and Italy is indeed looking elsewhere for financial allies. Even going as far as to take control of it's gold reserves from the Central Bank and planning economic tie ups with Asia, and China in particular. The EUSSR as we know it, or as they like mistakenly to perceive it will not exist in its current from. Instead of being rid of the millstone we are in danger of being dragged into the coming maelstrom that will put 2008 in the shade.
I can put my hand on my heart and say I don't know a single person who voted to leave and I have a wide circle of intelligent friends of all ages.
I’m so sorry I missed today on here. Tora was saying we’d be out in three days a couple of days ago. A couple of days prior to that he claimed ‘It's Official, We Are Out!’
The day before that he exclaimed ‘The EU appears to be settling for no deal’

How wrong can one guy be! ;-) PMSL. As he might say.
Holding a referendum with an opportunity to split the Leave voters in a straight FPTP system would suit me just fine, and if that doesn't tell you how bad the idea as expressed in the OP is then nothing will.
Someone here backs up Togo's analysis:

1) Leave with No deal would be my option
Ain’t nobody payin attention?
"I can put my hand on my heart and say I don't know a single person who voted to leave and I have a wide circle of intelligent friends of all ages."

Strangely I can almost do likewise. Except all my friends and acquaintances voted to leave - bar two: one has a property in Spain and is thinking of relocating there permanently in the next year or two (and would rather the UK be in the EU to avoid any problems with that relocation caused by the EU's intransigence) and the other has dual UK/Maltese citizenship and seems to believe he will not be able to easily travel between the two.

The mess that politicians have drawn the country into has been caused because they cannot decide "how" to leave the EU. Of course the only way to leave properly is to leave without a deal because the EU will not countenance any deal which does not leave the UK locked under many aspects of the EU's pernicious influence or any deal which will allow the UK to gain a competitive advantage over EU nations. Both of these are, of course, vital if the many advantages of leaving are to be realised. But accepting that politicians do not have the confidence that their country can successfully make its way in the world independent of its nanny (or, more pertinently, that they are capable of running it) then the option of remaining should not be countenanced. The electorate voted to leave (no arguments over four-fifths of five-eighths of sod all, please), Parliament endorsed it and all that has happened in the meantime is that the EU has - quite predictably - constructed a deal that is so bad that no Parliament of any persuasion or integrity should agree to it. That agreement is not a "deal". It is a replacement for the Lisbon Treaty which can only be terminated by the EU. It is "permission to leave" (or we'll cause you a lot of trouble) which nobody voted for and which is not required.

In the unlikely event that the EU should renegotiate that agreement it will be substantially the same with a few words juggled about. The six month's grace which the EU has so graciously allowed is an opportunity for the UK to prepare to leave properly without permission to do so and that's what MPs should concentrate on instead of quibbling over what they don't want to do. But I'll not hold my breath.
Yet another first class contribution by NJ.

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Ok In The 6 Months We Have We Should Have A Binding Referendum.

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