Ok In The 6 Months We Have We Should Have A Binding Referendum.

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ToraToraTora | 08:59 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
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No parliament approval no admin just implementation of the decision within 2 weeks. What would be your choices?
1) Leave with No deal
2) leave with May's deal
3) Remain
which ever gets' the most wins, end of.


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Question Author
for the apostrophe mafia that one is a typo I know it should not be there.
Number 1 wouldn't be included.
Question Author
I'm arguing that it should, Naomi, that's why I say "what would be your choices?". Geddit?
You're just setting up a best of three situation.

Get the damned politicians to do what they're paid for and never mind passing the buck so they can walk away saying 'not me guv'.

Y'know, like Call Me Dave did.
Question Author
Many keep saying go back to the people, if we do it'd have to be a proper choice.
If there were 3 choices, Remain would win. The Leave vote would be split and more than 1m would vote for May's deal.

Not the outcome that the Referendum wanted
>which ever gets' the most wins, end of.
Your suggestion would split the leave vote and let Remain in.
Maybe there should be a requirement that unless the Remain vote exceeds 52% (or whatever last Leave result was) there sould be a 'best of 3' vote

Maybe a twp part question is needed
1)Leave or Remain
2) if Leave should it be May's Deal or WTT? (and maybe some other choices too- eg Customs Union)

I doubt in reality there will be an agreement on what the questions should be

Ah, I see. A hypothetical question. In that case No. 1 would be my choice.
Question Author
jj if that's the case I'd accept it but I don't think so because most leavers believe that May's deal is worse than staying.
Question Author
Naomi, I mean what choices would you have on the ballot.
Please god not another one.

This country does not have the right institutional setup for running referenda properly. They are alien to our political system and if we learn nothing else from this ghastly mess it's that we should never ever use them again.
Question Author
FF, don't complicate it, with +50% BS yada yada, who gets the most wins and as I said above most leavers think remaining is better than May's deal so I don't think 2 will get many.
Under your proposed system, the majority of people could vote against something and it would still win.
Question Author
Kromo, feel free to ignore this post if it's all getting a bit much dear!
Does not the Commons have to agree to this extension?
Question Author
Kromo 09:15 that's what happens when there are more than 3 choices. Eg that's how MPs are elected. Could do AV on it I suppose, I'd go 1,3,2
Question Author
danny, not if they create the bill to be binding and in effect pre approved. That's what I'm proposing.
Number 3 should not be on there, we have already voted to leave.

It should just read:

1/ Leave on the EU's terms
2/ Leave with no deal
Question Author
sorry danny misread, they must vote through an SI to amend the 2018 bill today.
E.g. Imagine this:

1) 30%
2) 30%
3) 40%

Technically speaking 3 gets 'the most votes' and would win - but 60% of people didn't vote for it.

This is why 'first past the post' produces unrepresentative and undemocratic results in elections that have more than 2 candidates.

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Ok In The 6 Months We Have We Should Have A Binding Referendum.

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