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mushroom25 | 20:13 Wed 27th Feb 2019 | News
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deserving of respect? or country-invading-killers-of-innocent people not worthy of it? words spoken out of turn by this specsavers employee? or fair comment not worthy of the fuss being made?


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Mrs B and myself have used Specsavers for, probably 10 years,
Will not be going back that's for sure, Mrs B agrees.
They will be made aware of why.
I can't imagine Specsavers, as a business, either hold or endorse similar views to these....

A single employee shooting their mouth off should be no reason to abandon using their services.
insulting vets is something I dont support
( however I am conflicted about saying - shoot them or tear their fingernails out, - the gainsayers not the vets)

clearly an employee has to follow his employers lead ( or leave ) so in the course of work, it should be forbidden

This was a problem in Brun ten or fifteen years ago - visitors going up to injured vets in one of the hospitals and saying - you are killing my brothers

and the brummies basically responded - when we get out we will kill a few more

why has it been made public as speccy responded appropriately ....
and speccie is not denying the conversation took place - oo er mrs!
That's just one idiot employee - if you boycotted every business with an idiot employee, you wouldn't be able to deal with anyone.
well dont go to vision express
one of my neighbours was 'too ill to be seen'
oh said the skool leaver, he has to go to A+E !

Asda saw him instead - thank you Mr Akeel !
I bet the offender was a Muslim.
^ Are there many of those in Suffolk?
Everyone sees life differently - the trick is to know when to keep your mouth shut.

This employee didn't.
When I was in hospital, I don't remember random visitors being told I was a veteran. But that wasn't Birmingham. Maybe we do things differently in the wilds?
Suspension seemed inevitable.

The employee could well be out the door!
no politics to customers is an obvious one ....

a.tho once a customer told me to vote Labour - I simpered and said something
And yet I bet it was far more likely a young leftie (equally prejudiced). I'm not surprised at the comment, I don't think it's that rare a view. When I was a student that was the opinion of many of my long-haired peers including my own boyfriend.
// When I was in hospital, I don't remember random visitors being told I was a veteran.//

um were you in with a head injury ? well it wouldnt have been the vet's own visitors would it? - or would it?
Specsavers are franchises, so this piece of excrement would be an employee of that local business, and not Specsavers itself.
In my opinion verbally abusing an ex-soldier regarding his past employment is inappropriate, as with any verbal abuse.

There is no suggestion, and I find it highly unlikely, that the sacked person knows the ex-serviceman or his career. However, he is said (and claims) to be a "veteran" - of an armed conflict, one assumes. The implication is that his participation was in military conflict within the last 38 years. Unless I am confused, only two of these involved (official) UK soil (invasion or direct defence/policing) - Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands. The rest all involved the UK sending its forces to fight abroad where the UK was not under military attack or in a state major civil conflagration.

If the ex-serviceman fought in the first two then the abuse was at least inaccurate. If in any of the others, then it may have been correct but nevertheless uncalled for.

I would not agree with the quite common assumption that an ex-serviceman has sacrificed anything "for his country", he applied for a job, got it and (one assumes) did what was expected of him. On leaving his job he would appear to get certain privileges, which he is entitled to claim. I find the modern "hero" label applied in blanket fashion an entirely inappropriate jingoism.
Sorry, that's no clearer.

Were they people who knew these vets and visited to look for a fight, or strangers who took the opportunity simply because it was on a plate?

How long did it continue for it to be considered a problem rather than an incident?

I don't mean to be pedantic, but you do slightly invite it.
I agree with KARL on the blanket use of 'hero', but don't consider priority treatment for work-related injuries or illness to be a privilege. Employers should be held responsible for their employees' health, at least where it has been caused or aggravated by their work.

When he asked to be listed as a veteran, Mr Leale claims a staff member accused him of “killing innocent people”.
He said he was left “gobsmacked” by the alleged comment. others have individual made the comment..not Specsavers , and they have been sufficiently horrified to immediately suspend the said person pending further action.... no point in boycotting Specsavers for the unauthorised and unsupported comments made by a soon to be ex employee...
I did pick out the quote at the end of the piece - // “... this isn’t the way Steve deserves to be treated after giving 32 years of his life for his country.”

First and foremost, Steve has not 'given thirty-two years of his life for his country' - that makes him a career soldier by choice, not a conscript or someone unwilling to do what is required of them as a serving solider.

I mention that simply because it actually clouds the issue here.

Steve does not deserve to be treated this way whether he was a soldier or a lion-tamer - his past occupation is not the issue.

He does not deserve to be treated this way simply because he is a citizen going about his business, and should not be the victim of a yob who doesn't have the manners and professional courtesy to keep his arrogant pointless opinions to himself in the workplace.

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