BNP 'exploiting military charities' as it plans to hijack poppy appeal

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Gromit | 13:08 Fri 02nd Oct 2009 | News
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The BNP has been exploiting public support for British troops by holding fundraising drives for military charities.

Nick Griffin, the party leader, claimed on its website that the BNP gave £25,000 “worth of help” to a struggling veterans’ charity in Scotland. But the organisation, which accepted support from the BNP, saying that otherwise it would have to shut down, said it had been given just £3,000 by a local party activist and some heating equipment from the party. Simon Darby, the deputy leader of the BNP, said that “sometimes we gild the lily a little bit” in relation to its website claims. “But all political parties do that,” he told The Times.

The BNP plans to auction two books by Andy McNab, the former SAS trooper, to raise money for the charity. Mr McNab has demanded the books back and said that he was “sick to the stomach” about the situation.

James Bethell, from Nothing British, an organisation that tracks the BNP, said that giving to charity was a “deliberate strategy” to improve the image of the BNP. He said: “This ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ strategy by the BNP is working and allowing them to worm their way into the fabric of British society.”

Cynical exploitation of veterans or genuine patriotism?


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I'm suspicious


A BNP activist raised money for the British Legion by living in a cardboard box.

Trouble is she gave half the money to the BNP - could the same thing have happened here?

Do the BNP make it known where the money is going - raising money for visible charitie and pocketing half the procedes would be tantamount to theft
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What a pile of horse-poo fender.

This is a bunch of racists who want to deny British people rights based on their perceived racial origins.

They have a history of violence and criminal behaviour

What a surprise there should be a discrepancy between the money stated and what the charity got. This should be referred to the Police to see whether Griffin's hand was in the till
And as I will be away a bit and wouldn't like to be accused of posting libellous rubbish I guess I'd better substantiate that:

Check out:

Alan Bailey. Bailey pleaded guilty to carrying out a violent unprovoked assault on a man in February 2004.

David Enderby. In January 2007 he was found guilty of three counts of assaulting members of his estranged wife's family. He was fined £100 for each assault and ordered to pay £100 costs. His wife later told the local paper that Enderby had a history of domestic violence. He remains a councillor.

Sandra Doncaster. Mother of Claire Doncaster, she too was taken to court for non-payment of council tax. She had not paid for two years and stacked up a debt of £2,170.34. It was not as though she could not afford it, she and her husband own a hotel in Sandown, on the Isle of Wight.

Pat Richardson. Richardson makes a point of telling everyone that she is Jewish but is a close friend of Tony Lecomber, a leading BNP activist, who was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for leading an antisemitic attack on a Jewish teacher by a gang of BNP thugs

Ian Meller is a former member of the NF who in August 2000 was fined £400 with £55 costs for possessing an offensive weapon
Its amazing how so many so called intelligent people are brainwashed by the media. If the BNP wishes to help our soldiers why not accept this instead of being so cynical. Why is it racist to protect our borders and repel foreigners from taking over in our society.

We are all programmed from past experiences and even some contributors to this site admit they have Jewish parents who suffered at the hands of the Nazis. The BNP are not the Nazis but just a small party with extreme views but we can all make our own decisions as against the open borders and mass immigration which is a reality.
He said: “This ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ strategy by the BNP is working and allowing them to worm their way into the fabric of British society.”

All political parties, use certain measures to worm their way into the hearts of the electorate.

It may be hand shakes to kissing babies in their prams.

You asked the question Gromit, now let's hear your answer, or are you once again sitting on the fence, seeing which way your post goes before you pick sides?

If one party offers to help our troops all for the better, the other three parties don't seem to bother about them, only to ask them to lay their lives down in support of their political agenda.
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BNP 'exploiting military charities' as it plans to hijack poppy appeal

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