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mushroom25 | 20:13 Wed 27th Feb 2019 | News
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deserving of respect? or country-invading-killers-of-innocent people not worthy of it? words spoken out of turn by this specsavers employee? or fair comment not worthy of the fuss being made?


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Aog---I did say that I did not excuse the outburst . Sometimes anger and frustration do take over and before you know it you have said and done things that maybe you shouldn't have.
forget it Andres - this is AB

at least half of AB think Trump is a roman catholic and the pope should canonise him whilst still alive !
// Image if such insults were made to Muslim, by a relative of a person killed in the Manchester terrorist attacks? //

yup happened - commonplace.

In Manchester the Libyans cooperated with the authorities - as one said - "for chrissakes we dont want to sent back!"
and for the record
it was the family of the bomber who said to the Police - "you know his brother is in prison in Libya - you can extradite him if you want ...."
My husband served over 33 years in the Army but never mentions it to anyone unless someone asks what he used to do before he does what he does now. An acquaintance of ours served for less than 9 years and goes on about it all the time. Different strokes!
dear dear, if any millennial was reported complaining that someone had criticised his choice of job, people here would be piling in to call him a snowflake. Double standards or what?
PP. stop insulting people here. You do it post after post. Brain of Britain you very clearly are not. Back behind the curtain.

/// Aog---I did say that I did not excuse the outburst ///

Indeed you did, please accept my apology, but also I was just making another side of the coin point.
///PP. stop insulting people here. You do it post after post. ///

It could be worse, imagine if he was calling people traitors, vb, trob etc etc
If the facts are as reported, the employee in question should obviously be sacked. Simple as that really.
Apology accepted Aog.
// PP. stop insulting people here. You do it post after post. //

hi Nigh - what is wrong with saying the Libyan minority in Manch co operated fully with the authorities ?
Be insulted if you must - or be informed otherwise.

I am obliged you are reading and understanding my posts these days - education and repetition clearly works .....
// PP. stop insulting people here. Brain of Britain you very clearly are not.//

I admire the symmetry of
PP cannot insult a group but Nigh can insult a person

but ho hum this is AB and tests have shown at least 90% cannot recognise a howling non sequitur when it screams in their faces .....
PP, you clearly can’t help yourself but that’s no reason for the rest of us to excuse you. Stop insulting people.
'Stop insulting people', blimey naomi, I can never understand his posts in the first place to know what he's on about !
// Mrs B and myself have used Specsavers for, probably 10 years, //
me too no connection

I rang up and asked whether they [SS] cd do an exam with sudden loss of sight
and they said No!
(no money in it but they didnt say that ....)

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