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Peter Pedant | 17:48 Wed 27th Feb 2019 | News
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is any one doing Michael Cohen in front of congress ? Beeb ch 231 now!

oh we need a question - does anyone think that this is the beginning of the end of the presidency ?


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I saw some of it - a pretty damning testimony
Question Author
now doing Radio 4 -
trump is wildly trying to chalk up a foreign policy success

Cohen - I lied to this that and the other under oath

Blimey no wonder he is heading for the slammer ( = prison)
Ho ho ho
He’s a bad mo fo
But we knew that anyway.
How bad does it have to get for the US to sling out this charlatan?
Question Author
mo fo Jesus yes one of them ....

Congress has voted down his wall bill ( part deux) but trump can veto it ( yeah not sure about that)
He’s declared German cars a threat to US security.
Truly insane.
A pity Cohen’s reputation is besmirched: but if all this is lies too then it’s one hell of a perjury
He’s done a plea bargain and is desperately trying to mitigate his involvement and the fact he lied to Congress.

If there is a grain of truth to any of it I suspect he and the Democrates have as usual blown it out of all proportion to justify their hate of Trump.

They force through their own agenda and block everything he does even if it were the best policy or result in the world simply because of their hate of him.
As an add on to my above post...

The millions of $ spent on the Russia probe found not one jot of evidence of collusion and they are now desperately inventing more outrage to pin on Trump.
It's long been obvious that Trump is a conman (albeit quite a successful one).

I imagine the infowars crowd will be along shortly to explain how ths is all part of the giant liberal conspiracy.
//not one jot of evidence of collusion //

They have indicted or gotten guilty pleas from quite a few people. That we know of.
The collusion has been baseless and the report found NO evidence. Which bit of ‘not a jot of evidence’ is because the millions spent found no evidence.

The Democrates are desperate. Not because Trum is bad per sa but because they are desperate to be right and to get in power at any cost. Even going the whole hog and legalising infanticide.

I know which one I’d rather have running the country.
How do you explain the 34 indictments and guilty pleas if there is no evidence?
Don't know about that, kromo, but it's probably as credible as the big Michael Cohen revelation that was going to get Trump impeached, what was it.....oh yeah, 3 weeks ago.
Don't stupid people have short memories.
Krom, //It's long been obvious that Trump is a conman //

Obvious to whom? The guessers, the haters, the spite-mongers? Who? Every barrel that can be scraped has been well and truly scraped - together with those that have already been scraped countless times. Whether or not this latest theatre reveals something tangible remains to be seen.
To anyone with eyes, Naomi.
An entire industry of thousands of tireless jobsworths have been working day and night amounting to millions of hours of labour to destroy Trump and they haven't really come up with anything concrete, now they are getting desperate.

Just think if they had set to work on your life, what they might have found? - Nothing! I hear you cry; really?
Question Author
Trump is not a conman because everyone knew he was a crook - erm - interesting view I have to say

Michael Cohen's *** was not long enough when he supped with the Devil
Question Author
p-o-o-n as a bad word - - really?
The anti-Trumpers do seem rather deranged but then they wanted this thing to have it's finger on the nuclear button.

Isn't Cohens "lawyer" Clinton's old one? Something strange when a "lawyer"(disbarred) need a lawyer himself. Still, I suppose he thinks it is worth him carrying on with lies if it keeps him out of the "wrong" cell in chokey. Plus...….who is writing his scripts? The "team" who used to write them for Jussie Smollet? N.B. Not to be confused with justice, smell it.
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the lawyer is classic lanny Davis

and well spotted - he was a clinton Lawyer

and - - are all lawyers crooks? I suppose Nixon had a view on that....

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