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Do they mean the EU's already lost it all ?
Nothing to loose but an o
Where did you get that quote from? They could do with losing their editor.
Probably wrote it himself.
Did you make that quote up, YMB, or are you citing the DM (chortle, splutter) article as supporting a quote from elsewhere? Either way, it ain’t a very good way of trying to make a point.
No, but the may have nothing to lose!
Well I think it's paraphrasing and slightly exaggerating many remainers views stated here and elsewhere. The EU is immune, we are doomed doomed, doomed.
If the EU had nothing to lose it would be happily waving us goodbye... but it isn't. Hmmm.....
If it’s paraphrasing then the speech marks are very wrong.
‘the EU had nothing to lose it would be happily waving us goodbye’

So you see their intransigent no compromise stance on May’s deal as ‘benign altruism’ then, N ?
Ok, in simpler terms. The EU are doing just that (waving us goodbye). There has been zero compromise from them. What specific examples do you have which makes you think our leaving means anything to them?

They’re either the tyrannical overlords leave voters paint them as (in which case why would they care about our leaving) or they’re desperate to see us not leave (which they’re has been zero sign off, and which makes the ‘tyrannical overlords’ image defunct). You can’t have it both ways.
There has been.
(Holy cow, I used to have no problem with there, their, they’re until i came on here)
Haaaaa! They don't care about us leaving? You're kidding yourself.
So they’re not tyrannical overlord then?
And if that were the case, why aren’t they prepared to negotiate?
Britons bought 768,896 German cars in 2017, - just sayin'.
Again I ask......
So why are they intransigent in discussions?
ZM, Germans can't negotiate outside the EU.

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"the Eu Has Nothing To Loose"

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