Well, I Am Proved Wrong....

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youngmafbog | 09:27 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | News
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I honestly thought at the time this Army recruitment campaign would never work.

But it appears it has. Anyone understand why it would?


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Com pen say shun.
Let’s be honest, the type of people the Army need to attract aren’t, in the main, those who can see past a clever ad campaign.
For the same reason I used to expect good treatment outcomes from patients who were difficult, demanding, nitpickers, the ones who did their own research and came to me with reams of stuff about how they thought their treatment should go.....because they are driven by and have a passion for something.
Perhaps the new advertising campaign is perceived to offer a cushy job with a caring employer?
Maybe it was the first time someone suggested that they could amount to something.
Personally, I think it's a bit creepy to use the format of the Kitchener posters. To me those old posters represent bullish tactics used to manipulate young men into dying horrible pointless deaths in a horrible pointless war. Not really a good source of inspiration for recruitment, I would have thought, but apparently it worked...
Some of the spoofs were quite funny though.
They should find themselves at home in the 'Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre'
Lets see how many last initial Infantry training after 6 months and then count how many left after two years. That may be the real measure of how successful this recruitment drive was. Of course the MOD could always further relax the rules. :-(
Not sure why you thought it wouldn't. The chances of being sent to a war zone at the moment are low meanwhile the army offers reasonable salary, housing, opportunity to progress to a decent career, loads of free skill training you can use outside, chance to travel and can be the making of you. Whether some of these new recruits will cut it is another question.
Some good answers there. Apart from the first one of course.
The problem is not getting applicants but getting suitable applicants. I heard that 80% of applicants are not considered suitable. The days when Service men simply 'Cannon Fodder' are long gone.
because .... it was aimed at a set of people ( young men, keen athletic teachable etc ) which in the main the usual suspects of AB arent ( old, querulous, distrustful etc)

The ad campaign would be designed to get bums in seats and not bums with guns in two years ( retros comment) - that would require measuring potential
( or the results of a course before you have done the course - raising the question - why do the course then?)

virtually no one can measure potential
// The days when Service men simply 'Cannon Fodder' are long gone.//

the most successful recruiting area in the Great War was Chapel St., Altrincham ( er a slum) where 60 joined up

and the open mouthed Beeb hack - clearly a grad from the school of AB asked adenoidally - "why dey do dat ven? - dangerous it was den!"

and the historian said - well I can think of three reasons a day ....
As long as it gets more people interested and looking into a career in Army it can only be a good thing. They’re not going to take any old Joshua, Jordan or Jeremy, so widen the base at least.
I think a career in the Army would be good. You learn a trade, get paid, fed and housed. As long as you’re not posted to a war zone and then suffer PTSD you’ll be fine.

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Well, I Am Proved Wrong....

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