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sunny-dave | 15:55 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | News
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... well this chap is either very brave, or very stupid - or is he just saying what all men think? :

I'd go with 'very stupid' personally.


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I'd go for Very Very Stupid!
I completely disagree with his comment. I think women over 50 are, if anything, more appreciative and easy to love.

Also, is this soely relationship wise? Did he not love his mother?
many a good tune........
Very Brave. :-)
He concerntrates on the youthful figure. Of course that's attractive but isn't everything. Besides an age limit is arbitrary. Each are entitled to their own opinion/taste though.
Who even is Yann Moix i've never heard of him. He and his opinions are obviously really not that important.
Ha ha! .... I read this piece on the bus this morning, he got some backlash with his comments, of course he's entitled to his own opinion. Love is ageless in my opinion.
What a shallow s---.
'appreciative' Spath? I hope that's not code for 'grateful'?!?!? :)

I personally think the man is a tool for generalising so much but we can't help who and what we find attractive, it's rare I find a man under 40 attractive,my own partner is 50, but I did date someone late 20's so no generalisation there really.
Canary LOL!!
Hi kval.
It is not a code, but appreciative and grateful go hand in hand, no?
There are some on here that would agree with him.
The bloke is a tool!
So women over 50 are more grateful that you love them or 'sort them out' for want of a better way of putting it. OMG the thin ice just broke :) lol x
Well I'd not want to wake up beside him in the morning....especially the eyes.....

And Spath.....What a strange thing to say......????
What do you mean by 'sort them out' ?
I'll hold him under the thin ice, Kval!

Appreciative and grateful???? Hell's Teeth!!!!
What i mean is.. a mature lady is more aware, evolved and well.. mature, than one who is not, mature. So they can be more understanding, which would mean they can be more emphatic to your situation.
Have sex with them Spath x
You are paddling in dangerous waters Spath.

The man is a fool.
I wasn't thinking of much more than sex.

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