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As I stated on another thread on this topic - no, it is not right for anyone to be so harassed whilst going about their business.
Question Author
So, why has he not been arrested for a breech of the peace?

If i did this, i'd get an ASBO.
I've no idea Spath but he's certainly under close scrutiny.
Female, male, MP or not, it's completely unacceptable to be subjected to that kind of behaviour.
Spath, you can only arrest someone for a breach of the peace while the offence is actually being committed.
Makes you wonder how they have time to go to work
Question Author
There were police officers around the scene danny, why did they not act? How did they allow random public members, that aggressive, so close to an MP? Are they thick?
Question Author
ADFA, that's it, evidently they don't work because they have time for this tripe.
Spath, I didn't see what happened, but calling police officers thick is just ignorant.
Question Author
Danny, watch the video i've posted at 14:55. They allow 'protesters' to get right in her face, forcing their cameras there also, preventing her from her path of walking.
Question Author
also i'm questioning if they're thick.. It's wasn't meant as a statement.
What the hell has this got to do with Tommy ???
Question Author
LOL same attitude. Same issues.

"If Muslims refused to leave voluntarily, “then we’d have to think of a legal way that we could do it”, he said."

Goddard said he wanted to “ban Islam from the west”, calling the faith “a threat to every man, woman and child in this country”.

He's also a supporter of the EDL.
Question Author
What an aggressive tweet.

Fair play.. guess it correlates with this quote from the article.

"Goddard has previously posted anti-Islam statements on Gab, a social media site popular with the far right, and has supported Tommy Robinson"

Who, is the founder of the EDL.

Maybe james should look into the EDL, he'd find himself quite at home with that roudy lot.
Question Author
I see in his bio #christian

Nothing more need be explained lol.

'Tommy' left the EDL in 2013, do try and keep up.
So he thinks Islam is dangerous, spath. So do I - because it is. So what?
Question Author
Ah yea, so it has no affiliation with him, of course!

Any idea what the EDL stands for? Tommy and this james lad, would be having a spa day with them.

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