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Difficult Positions

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AB Editor | 10:37 Tue 31st Jan 2017 | News
26 Answers

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Has Theresa May Put The Queen In A "Difficult Position" With Her Donald Trump Invitation?

  • No - 177 votes
  • 63%
  • Yes - 103 votes
  • 37%

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nope not really state occasions are quite seperate to government/political invitations
I don't believe so. I think Her Majesty sails serenely above the machinations of her various governments. She has learned to stay out of politics, and simply act as Head Of State - a position which saves her the tiresome task of getting involved in what's going on.
It is standard practice to invite the new US President on a State visit asap. It is not May's doing, it is normal diplomacy, and the Queen will have been consulted and approved the invite.
like wot Andy said..more eloquently than I did !
Perhaps. While too late now to cancel it did seem like a rather hasty invitation. Maybe they want to catch him before it's too late :-)
Anyone would think someone was desperate for a trade deal or something ...
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And you know that how?
No, the Queen has received state visits from all manor of world leaders for 65 years, why is this any different? I visit from any POTUS is inevitable and I think we are doing the right thing getting it done early.
poor Mrs Queen has to endure all manner of occassions she would much rather do without..but 'tis her role as Head of State...sure she'd rather put her slippers on and come on AB !!
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occasions even
I think what makes this one different is the haste with which it's been given
Ich ,

If you look at my link, visits by all the recent Presidents have occurred just a few months from their January inauguration. The Trump visit later this year falls into exactly the same pattern.
It is not a difficult position at all. Most of the protests are left wing sour grapes from the great unwashed.

The Queen has entertained some real despots in the past, she simply keeps out of the politics like she should. This may become more of a problem once old jug ears gets his paws on the Throne as he cant seem to stay a-political

yes, not sure why there are so many alans in a brahms over this. I'm sure Mr Trump will get on very well with Her Majesty.
that’s an interesting comment about when Presidents were invited as Beeb News has just said that he receiving a full bells and whistles state visit invite very early.
I'm not sure that Ed was wise to put 'difficult positions' as a thread title.

I thought it might be a discussion of the Kama Sutra.
Yes, Hopkirk, I followed the thread link for what turned out to be all the wrong reasons.
No, I don't think so. I should imagine that Her Majesty and Prince Phillip are having a good chuckle about the contrived furore. However I imagine Charles is shouting at the trees in anger at the moment.

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