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Us Travel Ban: Diplomats 'prepare Unprecedented Dissent Memo'

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mikey4444 | 01:20 Tue 31st Jan 2017 | News
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Even America's own diplomats are against Trump blanket ban on Muslims.


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I'm not surprised.
Question Author
Neither am I Ummmm !
Barack Obama has spoken out against discrimination "based on faith or religion".

And the difference between the two is...?
morn'g mikey
where your granny dumping fred den ?
there is a nicer brand of contributor on your fredz I find

anyway - I am surprised - diplomats are political based in the land of the free and it could be that they know they are on their way out ( 4000 appts to be done which Trump will do before May and not them if you get my meaning )

and diplomats are meant to be: "gottle of geer gottle of geer - yes sir three bags full sir"
and not
"Now mr president I dont agree with that - we dont
and I tell you whaaaaat - we gonna leak that to the fake media ( ha ha ) as well ! "
As per usual Peter, I understood every word you tryped.

According to the local news, Australia has been working closely with America to ensure that any Australian passport holder will not be affected by this "blanket" ban regardless of which country they travel from.

Guess he has made his mark, just like a stray dog. ;-/
Hi Lozz
Dr johnson ssaid that a diplomat was
"a honest man sent abroad to lie for his country"
"a man sent abroad and when his employer does something he doesnt like - not only does he whine but he writes it down and leaks it to the press"
I see Trump has sacked the Attorney General because she telt officials not to enforce the ban.
One would expect diplomats to be disappointed as it makes their job more difficult. They don't have responsibility for stopping the bad guys getting in.
Just their last stand before they are slung out.

Trump needs to drain the swamp and looks like he has started already with the Obama appointed attorney General.

The left leaning liberal Establishment is finally being tackled.
One can have faith on things other than religion. For example health tourists to the UK have faith that the Brits are such big suckers that they'll pay the bill.
Not surprising.

This administration has already done flagrantly illegal things, has violated federal court orders to desist, and has immediately sacked the attorney general for attempting to enforce the law. Anybody who cares about the US political system - as opposed to delusional personal loyalty to a budding authoritarian because he "gets things done"* - is obliged to dissent.

*Point of order - getting things done is not progress if those things are ham-fisted, illegal, or poorly thought out.
Well done Mr Trump, if you are annoying the terrerorist sympathizers you are doing something right. Can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.

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Us Travel Ban: Diplomats 'prepare Unprecedented Dissent Memo'

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