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Should Trump's State Visit Be Cancelled?

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anotheoldgit | 11:12 Tue 31st Jan 2017 | News
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/// Petition says Trump should not be invited to the UK on a state visit to avoid embarrassing the Queen ///

This is rich coming from those who with half the chance get rid of our Monarchy.

Interesting to see that Leftie Gary Lineker has indoctrinated his two sons to follow in his footsteps.



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Sorry Ed I asked my question before I saw yours.
Gary Lineker is a "leftie" ?

Whatever next !
Question Author

Your thread is entirely different.

You are saying that Trump's visit should be stopped and providing a link to a petition with that in mind.
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No, to cancel an invitation made in the Queens name would embarrass her even more, any way ,the Queen has dealt with more obnoxious people than Donald Trump.
it would be difficult for the uk to separate contempt for the individual, from perceived contempt for the office of POTUS. difficult call, I'm glad it's not mine.
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I was disgusted by yesterday's Mirror front page.

What right has the Mirror to speak on behalf of the vast majority of the British public?
I would think that Teresa May would have obtained palace approval before extending an invitation to a state visit to anyone.
where is the coverage of the thousands of people who are marching in support of Donald?
Randy Marsh; //where is the coverage of the thousands of people who are marching in support of Donald? //
Why should they march? The US polls show that the vast majority are in favour of his plans. And regarding the state visit, as Malcolm Rifkind said on BBC last night the Queen cannot be embarrassed; she recently entertaind the President of China with his dreadful record of human rights in his country (and long ago even Nicolae Ceaușescu and his awful wife.)
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/// where is the coverage of the thousands of people who are marching in support of Donald? ///

Perhaps they are scared of being called bigoted, knuckle dragging, racist, misogynistic and xenophobic fascists?
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Didn't Blair and his government once consider asking the Queen to bestow an honorary knighthood on President Bashar al-Assad?
Does that mean no one is marching for Donald?
As stated above we all have jobs we need and want to keep, rather than sponge of 'daddy' or the State.

Besides what is there to march about, The Donald is getting the job done; as promised.
The Daily Mirror doesn't speak for me aog, cheeky gits !
Yeah...The Donald is doing a great job so far.
Really great.

So 1.5 million people have signed a petition against Trumps visit,but what about the millions who haven't signed because they agree with Donald?

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Should Trump's State Visit Be Cancelled?

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