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Stop Trump State Visit

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EDDIE51 | 12:33 Mon 30th Jan 2017 | Politics
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For anyone interested here is a link to sign the petition to stop Trump's visit to the UK from being classed as an official state visit
I'm not stupid enough to imagine it will do any good but with over 1.1 million signatures so far it may make the government realise how unpopular it is.
( plus it will pi*** Off Trump which has to be a good idea!)


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The visit will go ahead despite the result of this petition.

So it is all rather futile and proves nothing.
Question Author
Please note this is NOT to stop the visit but to stop it being a full state visit with all the pomp and circumstance !
Futile and pointless.
I read that they (whoever they are) are worried he will tweet private conversations that he has with the queen etc.

If his tweets were the antics of a playboy he wouldn't be able to keep it in his trousers for more than twenty minutes .
Worthy petition, but won't change the outcome, maybe Mrs may was a bit hasty picking a new best friend.
'plus it will pi*** Off Trump which has to be a good idea!)'

Like the UK needs to become less popular on the world stage!
I guess the good thing about Brexit is that we have finally taken back control over deciding which world leaders are going to walk all over us.
Whatever any individual here my think of him, Donald Trump is the democratically elected President of the US, and as such he will be visiting UK whether any individual likes it or not. This petition will do nothing to stop that.
I signed the petition and at no point did I think that it would change anything.

But I just wanted my little voice to be heard. The guy is a moron - he is an irritation to me. He may turn out to be a great leader or he may just crash and burn.

Sounds like an attempt to spoil relationships between the US and UK to me. Unhelpful for both nations. Everyone already knows that Trump is controversial, and unpopular with many.
Why should I want to stop a visit from the Head of State of the USA being afforded the title and privileges of exactly what it is – a State visit?

“The guy is a moron - he is an irritation to me.”

An irritation he may be (almost all politicians are irritating to someone, somewhere). A moron? Most definitely not. Anyone who can develop and manage a business empire such as he has most certainly cannot be awarded that title. I suggest you find a different description.
I van't stand the man but I won't be signing the petition.
I wonder if you can get odds at the bookies on when he gets plugged by the US Secret Service, a Terrorist/Muslim or an American or wherever loon?
// Yep, Futile and pointless.//

does Gromits comment above apply
a) to Gormits reply ?
b) the petition concerning Trump
c) almost any comment on AB
d) all of the above ?
Eddie, Please see 'Related Questions' at the foot of this thread.
Question Author
400,000 more signatures in under 7 hours!
I can see this getting well over 2 million signatures, it may get any action but it will certainly give the government food for thought!
"Anyone who can develop and manage a business empire such as he has most certainly cannot be awarded that title. "

The amount he inherited would have been of greater value than his current empire had it been invested in standard savings accounts. And he's bankrupted 5 businesses thereby wiping out millions he owes. A fraud. A conman.
Canary is spot on.....I have signed the petition and I will march when he arrives.......

I'd be ashamed of myself if I did nothing and just sat back while this numpty smarmed his way here.....

Of course my actions won't make a bit of difference but I can live with myself.............x
1.1 million of the electorate is a tiny percent!
Add on those who don't bother to sign because they think it won't make a difference, RSD....and those with no internet......and those who think he's okay....though that's decreasing by the day......x

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