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Khandro | 22:31 Sat 15th May 2021 | Politics
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Having got what they wished for, are AB anti-Trumpers now happy with his replacement?


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This one is ;-)
More of a Politics question than a CB one, surely.
Yes, thank you.

It's not like he's going to fix the roads in my town or make sure the bins are lifted regularly mind, but on the whole, yes.
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Chris, In a few words, could you tell us why?
He listens to the scientists, Khandro, both on Covid-19 and (far more important in the long run) on global warming.
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Chris, I think his motto is, 'Let's make America broke again', Joe is spending trillions in the manner former presidents spent billions, the public is so dazzled by noughts they don't know the difference, & I don't think he does either;

Biden is doing a good job. After all, anyone is better than Trump.
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//Biden is doing a good job.//

Am I missing something, how?
yeah take your trump tinted glasses off - - and breathe!

Dick Cheneys daughter has just been purged. You know Dick Cheney bombed the crap out of Iraq and then used his cement firms to rebuild it? ( and charged out of oil revenues)
and his daughter is too LEFT-WING ! as TTT might say - righto!
I say Jesus
Biden?Whos that?I was told he was the president of America?Nah...Trump moves on and Biden(who)moves in.Is Biden still alive?Does anyone know..or care?
Does Biden remind you, as he does me, of Beavis and Buthead?
Is Biden still the president of the USA.Is Biden still alive.Does anyone know,does anyone care?
did ynni really say 'who dat den' ?
he has morphed into some ghastly TTT clone - you know where they pour bleach into the clone mix and it doesnt come out - - right
Get back to me once you can write properly,hun.Stop writing scribbly nonsense in my direction till then.Thanks.

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