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Have You Had The Covid-19 Vaccine?

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AB Editor | 11:51 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | Current Affairs
48 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • I've had both doses - 233 votes
  • 42%
  • I've had the first dose - 229 votes
  • 41%
  • I haven't been offered the vaccine yet but I will have it - 49 votes
  • 9%
  • I will not have the vaccine - 42 votes
  • 8%

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this one will be interesting
Second AZ on the 29th of this month
i have had the first vaccine and will await 2nd at the end of the
Yes, on Feb 19th. Looking forward to the second one.
-- answer removed --
I'm due my second one on Friday - AstraZeneca. I'm trying not to worry but the news is so full of the "problem" at the moment.
No. I've turned mine down.
May change my mind in time.
There are more folk undecided than I originally thought there'd be.

I have had my first jab so far.
I had my first Pfizer shot on March 16th, and the second one is booked for July 16th.
Second one on the 6th may. AZ
I had the Oxford one and I’ve got the second dose booked in for June.
Lot of people avoid the gov. for various reasons, mamya.
Wouldn't expect too many young people to bother, either, as it has little/no effect on them.
I've had the two of Moderna & Mrs K. will have first Pfizer on Friday morning.
well done ed
the results I fear will be as the CVST reports - heavily skewed to towards the profile of the respondents

( the old codgers answering in AB speak )
I thought the gov. had decided on 3 shots for the elderly, more at risk groups?
Second one beginning of May
I agree that many of the young won't be clamouring for the vaccine, although I do know some who'd happily have it.

I was more surprised at the number of people in their fifties and sixties who have shown real reluctance and/or mistrust including a couple who were absolutely against it.
No one I know is getting three shots, what the government did say is that they were considering a booster shot latter in the year.
yeah Sat ( second from Jan 20)
and am 'bringing a friend!'

as the Beeb and other hacks are now beginning to push the idea that the chance of dying from covid ( one in 100 - ha it was 20%) far outweighs a disease side effect I hadnt even heard of let along cold spell

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Have You Had The Covid-19 Vaccine?

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