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Have You Had The Covid-19 Vaccine?

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AB Editor | 11:51 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | Current Affairs
48 Answers

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  • I've had both doses - 233 votes
  • 42%
  • I've had the first dose - 229 votes
  • 41%
  • I haven't been offered the vaccine yet but I will have it - 49 votes
  • 9%
  • I will not have the vaccine - 42 votes
  • 8%

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what worries me if some younger members of the family, those still in their 40's don't get their till late i might not get to see them till late in the year if at all.
yes no the third booster is an extra shot with different virus bits

we have one of the experts who is working on the selection ( the prof) - not every version will KKKKKIIIIIILLLLLL! - and he has to decide which ones will
Hold the histrionics down a bit Peter.
the SNPs found in such as the kent variant - may be synonymous or expressed as an amino acid variant. The big effect is a change from charged to uncharged amino acid as this exert a conformational.....

hows that
There's no reason not to see younger members of the family, whether they've had the jab or not. We're seeing our children and grandchildren this weekend for a socially distanced tea in the garden.
Come Christmas you should be able to by a gift /assortment box to chew on. exclusive to B&M. Boris's Mix and share.
I've had both doses (Pfizer)
^ Are you still alive or is this a friend posting for you.
its a long way away, so won;t be going for a day spring visit, if i go at all, it will have to be when a) the adults have had their vaccines, and b) its ok to be inside. c) when i can stay for a week,
who is that supposed to be addressed to TC, and what does it mean
I’ve had two of the AZ vaccine. I had reaction to the first and a sore arm for a few hours with the second but no other reaction.

I thought you were against having the AZ vaccine ?
2nd jab on 23rd May.
I am in my 70s and had my second jab last week.They say we will have to have a booster dose in the Autumn. I havent had any side effects at all,but I still plan to wear my mask,especially in shops.
I had my second jab last week.There wasn't any side effects at all.
Living in Spain and being over 60, its now looking like i'll be getting my 1st jab pretty soon. I think i might be getting the Sputnik, and no i'm not joking.
Quite a few under 30s have already had their first.
“I think i might be getting the Sputnik, and no i'm not joking.”

That’s probably unlikely if you’re in Spain. To date only Hungary has been using it with Austria, Czechia and Slovakia considering it.
Have had 2 Pfizer's ( the joy of being a key worker with Covid patients)

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Have You Had The Covid-19 Vaccine?

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