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Hi Matt

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teacake44 | 11:29 Sun 11th Apr 2021 | Current Affairs
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Hello Matt this is David, David? yes you know David Cameron, hello how you doing? fine thanks. Would you like to go for a drink with me and my boss/ mate from Lex Greensill, we have an Idea for an app for the NHS, not sure it will work but EH HO it will keep this firm alive and kicking, and keep me in a job, and the shares will rocket. Bent has a nine bob note all of them!!


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if you say so.
EH -HO.?
read the link, its quite clear.
Question Author
Lots of make up being plastered all over this one?
Why do you talk cryptically ?say what you mean!
why don't you provide a link, i did in case some were confused about this matter.
Which rules did he break?
Question Author
Nothing confusing about these cowboys emmie, everyone of the bent to eye heaven.
I genuinely didn’t get EH-OH,I thought it was some kind of government department
Question Author
Now I'm talking cryptically eye eye high high, Hi Matt
Breaking news; most (if not all) of our political leaders are corrupt.

Other breaking news; bears discovered defecating in the woods.
2019....current? I don't think so
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Well sometimes it takes the media/ press to dig out the crooks, and prove it, but sooner or later they do. woof.
what have they done that is crooked, can you please explain.
It's just "The Conservative Crony Club" at it again , that's why they are known as the Con Party as well as the Nasty Party.
Powerful and contact-full people contact other powerful people with a view to a buck. Oh my word, what a terrible shock. Who would have thought it!
Question Author
Obviously they went to Matts mate pub. :0)
Well, that's all news to Boris

"David Cameron warns lobbying is next political scandal
David Cameron will introduce measures to curb the lobbying industry to ensure that attempts by business to seek influence on Government policy does not become the next big political scandal."

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Hi Matt

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