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melv16 | 21:47 Thu 10th Jan 2019 | Motoring
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The conga dedededede ,dedededede, my car's passed its MOT, dedededede. Only needed windscreen wipers, dedededede dedededede...


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Well done, melv. My turn next week.
Haha. First heavy frost Melv and whilst stuck to the screen......switch them on just for the hell of it.
Took mine in last week on a makers recall for clutch issue. Believe this. Some numpties have revved the nuts off motors and got the clutch housing to explode if it is slipping. Anyway, check done all OK. At the same time a full health check is done and a report issued and logged at hq. Mine came back with green for the dozens of checks done except for the spare tyre condition. That got amber with an explanatory note that the boot was full. My fishing kit got me an amber.
Congratulations Melv, always a nice feeling x
Always a relief!
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Third time its flown through its test. The only thing this car has cost me is for some rear brake pads:-)
The only thing this car has cost me is for some rear brake pads:-)

You're supposed to take the handbrake off when driving it, melv ;-)
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That's a trick my Mrs does, Tony;-)
LOL, bet you don't tell her.
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Old joke.
Results are in for the Women's Weekly/Woman's Realm car of the year.
And the winner is.....
A red one....
the fact that you are so surprised makes me worry about the safety of the jam jar in question.
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It's a Ford Brexit, 3T's. The wheels are falling off:-)
...but it passed an MOT??
Built in Germany or Belgium then, melv.

LOL @ 22:50 and 22:54.

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