Still Driving A Diesel? Read This

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ToraToraTora | 10:09 Tue 15th Jan 2019 | Motoring
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interesting article

I'm a proud owner of one of the notorious VW vehicles. It was recalled though, and amended.

Petrol cars before 2005 are being looked into same as diesel cars before 2015, that is interesting. I thought 2013 would be the before point.. But alas.

Regardless to anything, i think diesel cars have their place, especially for extremely long continuous journeys. They are more efficient in that sense. In citys? You'd be bonkers to own a diesel.
I will continue to drive my diesel whilst it is the cheaper option for me.
I guess it won't be if you drive it into London, Rockrose
No Jon but I don’t anymore
Jno not Jon sorry autocorrect
"On 8 April this year, London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will come into force, requiring some motorists to pay £12.50 a day to drive into the existing congestion charging zone, on top of the current £11.50 charge."

Authorities always look for more ways to rip off the public, and drivers are a favourite mugging victim. It's immoral, but barring a revolution what can the people do ?

Meanwhile the responsibility for any pollution reduction should be placed on the vehicle manufacturers, not used as another way to abuse the general public. Nor as an excuse to try to beat up diesel owners as if they were doing anything wrong. But it seems that power corrupts, and those in a position to push others around can't seem to resist it.
well said OG
Thanks to Mayor Khan I paid several thousand more for the petrol version of the diesel car I wanted. Like Londoners don't pay over the odds just for living here?
Did you know his father was a bus driver? :-)
If someone produced a petrol (or electric) 4 wd drive that was as cheap as my Dacia duster I'd go for it!
4 wd drive essential where I live. I had 21 consecutive days when I had to walk 1/2 mile up very steep hill to get home, but I'm too old for that now, so 4 wd it is.
//Did you know his father was a bus driver? // Go on! well I never. :0)
It seems quite obvious by the posting of this thread. that TGT drives a Petrol.
It's odd though because i wouldn't consider a 2013 car as "old"
//Did you know his father was a bus driver? :-)//

I hope he drove a petrol engined bus
There are around 12 and a half million diesel cars on the road. It will be a while before there's a sea change in what people want to drive.
Oil burner sales are collapsing. Companies like JLR have had their fingers burnt, Porche have said never again.

Yes it will take a while for all 12 million to be taken of the roads but I suspect heavy taxation and perhaps some incentives will see them off.

And, of course, the speed of diesel and petrol demise will depend on someone getting their finger out and coming up with a workable and acceptable alternative fuel car. It will happen when motor manufactures are pushed enough.
Offord St has or had the highest NO2 levels in the world, which is a major contributor to the 10,000 or so pollution deaths in London every year. Khan has no power to do anything about the vehicle manufacturers, but he can discourage people from driving their polluting cars into London. If you want to control manufacture or imports, you'll have to turn to the shower currently running the country, not London.
"you'll have to turn to the shower currently running the country, not London."

Whilst I agree they are a shower I am not sure what they can do without getting lynched by the public at the next election. It would be political suicide to drive 12 m cars off the road and the same for removing them from sale. It will have to be done slowly and by encouragement to avoid economic disaster if nothing else.
Anyone who drives a diesel needs to question their morals as they are merely protecting their wallets and saying "S** off" to the environment.

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Still Driving A Diesel? Read This

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