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Driverless Cars

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AB Editor | 11:22 Wed 27th Feb 2013 | Motoring
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  • No - 191 votes
  • 68%
  • Yes - 90 votes
  • 32%

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I can't help thinking "What is the point?"

If I have to be somewhere, I drive. No point sending the car without me.
Safer than with many of today's drivers.
Can a driver less car take Emergency actions?
Question Author
How about driving you home from the pub Barmaid?
Only when the world we live in resembles something from The Jetsons.
OK, you win that argument.
I think I could trust them, they would obviously be fitted with a plethora of safety devices. it would probably make the roads far safer, very little human error to cause accidents.
I hasten to add, its not what I want but yes I think it would be safer.
A driverless car ought not get itself in a position to need emergency action. It is forever vigilant, no distractions, and can spot early a vehicle, or whatever, becoming a hazard.

Sure I'd be happy as long as the testing was regular & thorough. I'd expect the safety standard to be way over that achieved by human drivers. If I had one it'd mean no more driving stress, I could sit back at my ease and enjoy the journey.
completely pointless unless it can drive you home from the pub but then the law on DD would need changing.
Hardly pointless. Autonomous Car Technology offers lots of prospective benefits, from fuel economy through to traffic density management to improved safety.
i like the idea, they will probably indicate at roundabouts and stop at red lights unlike the barsteward who tried to run me over this morning

but ive driven cars that park themselves and its a weird experience having to "trust" in the technology (and must admit was a much better parallel parker than me)
@ McFluff - Heh. Out of interest, was it in this country that you had the automated parking experience, and in what sort of vehicle?
They would never take off with BMW owners unless they can still do power slides and doughnuts.
LG, I think a few vehicles are now fitted with auto parking, not really sure though.
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It will be many years before they are built to drive on the roads if ever!

If one of these cars causes a death on the roads who is responsible?, the passenger or the manufacterer of the car, it will be an insurance nightmare!

The computer makers?

A few companys are trying to build them and so far only one in the USA has been licenced to go on public roads but it must have a human driver in it to take over if the computer fails, would you trust a computer with your life?

Is your home PC infallible?

Who is going to give you insurance on a car that drives itself?
Toureman, many here are embracing the future and all you're worrying about is insurance?

"would you trust a computer with your life?"

Don't we all every day? To you and the 60.87% who voted no, do you not put your trust in Airplanes when they're cruising? Unmanned lifts? Traffic lights? A million other things i can't think of right now. Computers are integral to our society and our society could not function as it is without us being able to give more and more trust and responsibility to our microchipped friends.

Just like certain airports monorail and the dlr soon all travel will be automated and run my computers and if that scares you then my advice would be to buy one of the many donkeys or horses that seem to be going cheap at the moment.
Here is Volvo showing their new auto braking system to an excited press pack.

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Driverless Cars

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