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Safe Drivers

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AB Editor | 10:13 Fri 24th Aug 2012 | Motoring
38 Answers

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  • Mature Drivers - 160 votes
  • 55%
  • Lady Drivers - 81 votes
  • 28%
  • Male Drivers - 47 votes
  • 16%
  • Young Drivers - 3 votes
  • 1%

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That's a difficult one. What is considered 'mature'?
Question Author
Use your own judgement for maturity :)

(stats update every 5 minutes)
hmm. If you asked me who are the most unsafe drivers, then I could answer......
Like both fine wines and cheese, drivers improve with age.
Blimey Ed. Difficult one. Some of the worst drivers I know are women. But then I know I`m a good driver.
Some of the best drivers I know are men...but my daughter is better than any of them.
Wouldn`t go to the end of the road with my grandson.
More coffee and thought before I vote I think.
No me then :-)

I voted Male Drivers because in my experience the worst women drivers are much worse than the worst male drivers.
Lady Drivers, do you mean young or mature?
Young Drivers, Male or female? there's a difference.
Mature Drivers, Gender and How mature?
Male Drivers, Age group? again there's a differenceDon't think I can vote as it is.
Based on the old moron I witnessed somehow joining the A41 in the wrong direction yesterday I've gone for mature.
I agree with ummmm.

Mature is very wide ranging... I'd say a 40 year old driver is mature and likely to be fairly safe, but a 90 year old driver is also mature and likely to be quite unsafe in a lot of situations.

You should add Elderly drivers too.
None of them, there are bad apples in every barrel
Well 40 is only mature in the driving sense if they've been driving for quite some time. My MIL didn't pass her test until she was nearly that age.
Question Author
This is an "in general" poll. Just think to yourself: "When I think of safe drivers I see a..."

and go from there :)
A securicor van .....?
I have never had an accident in nearly 45 years of driving but I have had 8 shattered windscreens which is rather a lot.
I had the majority of the shattered windscreens when I owned Ford Escorts. I had several friends who owned this type of car and they did not have this problem so I think I was just unlucky.
I think mature drivers, who have less need to "show off" how "good" they are to their mates/gf/bf/other people.

^ but that may be seen as a generalisation by some. :)
With regard to young and lady drivers my daughter has 9 friends which she has been in contact with since leaving school and my daughter is the only one to have had an accident at age 31.
This was due to a tyre blow out on the other car.
I still think overall women are the better drivers.
Someone had the same problem of shattered windscreens, Brimoan (but with Metros) so you are not alone:
She says: I had 3 Metro's over a 9 year period. I had 6 shattered windscreens in these cars. I have been driving for 43 years and never had a shattered windscreen in any other type of car. Some of my friends had more shattered windscreens than normal with Metro's but they have also had the odd shattered windscreens with other types of car.I could not see any real reason for this but it is strange.

That`ll please MrsO Nom.

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