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seriously, what is it about you mercedes drivers?

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shivvy | 04:05 Sat 31st Dec 2005 | Motoring
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I hate to generalise and I know that some of you are not ar*eholes - but have a look around you and see how much bad driving is done by big old Merc heads.

I know for sure that that my old man was one of the best drivers on earth (fast but safe) but since he started driving his C43AMG the quality of his driving has nose-dived. It feels like a roller coaster ride when he drives either of our cars now.

Any comments?



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You've touch a nerve with Stanleywoman who drives a lovely old deisel Merc. She particularly likes the fantastic steering ability for parking. Big old Merc head indeed, don't judge us all by your husbands driving she said, ask him why he's driving like a lunatic.
Not only Merc drivers suffer from this but what about BMWs? Followed a 55 reg BMW yesterday going all over the road, well above the speed limit and guess what - on her mobile phone wasn't she! Bah Humbug
Bob9109, that's just women drivers, nothing to do with the car she's in. However, Mercedes drivers seem to think they're more aloof than the rest of us mere mortals who use their roads. Must be something about being ripped off and fooled into thinking that Mercedes are quality, reliable cars and having to take it out on other road users. Only yesterday I was in the right hand lane trying to go right at a roundabout and was overtaken, on my right side, by an E-class going straight over the roundabout from one traffic jam into another. I must have had some nerve to get in his way and slow him down from 2mph to 1mph, the cheek of me.

Before we bought our Merc we let someone else use it for ten years then a friend had it for five years and now we have used it daily for another five years without a single breakdown. Skids has now made us think that perhaps we made the wrong choice. They just don't make things like they used to!

Pull over, we're coming through!

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seriously, what is it about you mercedes drivers?

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