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Danger of young drivers?

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AB Asks | 11:57 Fri 30th Mar 2007 | Motoring
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Young drivers pay expensive insurance premiums to be on allowed on the road, but does that make them safe? We've all seen them driving around with their music blazing and probably going too fast. Is this a sweeping generalisation or do you think the minimum driving age should be increased so that we have more mature people driving vehicles that have the power to destroy lives and families in seconds?


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I would rather see a limit as to the type of engine a newly qualified driver could drive. Give them a 1l fiesta with no stereo.
Maturity does not always come with age. As soon as they pass their test, those who are the type to drive around like loons and pay more attention to their phone or stereo than their speed or surrounding hazards will still do it, regardless of whether they are 17 or 20.
What about danger of old drivers?
richie 1976 is right. there are many things that we see everyday as drivers and it's not always young drivers that are driving anti-socially. whether it's mobile phone abuse, aggressive driving, looking in the rearview mirror putting on makeup etc. so, i don't think raising the age limit would be a better idea but raising awareness should be.
Personally I think an element of psychometric testing should be introduced as some people, no matter how old or experienced, really shouldn't be in charge of a kiddies tricycle, let alone a car.

For example regular motorway users will be aware of the many supposedly 'professional' drivers who drive absolutely abysmally, much worse than a clued up teenager: how often do you see a line of HGV's being driven flat out on the limiter at less than a car's length behind the one in front, while the drivers stuff their faces or yack on their phones? Yet these are drivers with many years and miles of experience who should obviously know better....but they seem oblivious to the danger to themselves, and, more importantly, others, and don't seem to have learned anything..........yet a properly switched on but inexperienced driver given the right mindset (pass-plus is good) will learn and become a safe and considerate driver.

As in all things- it's not the age, it's the attitude.

Statistically the most accidents per mile are women over 70 so I guess you'd have to ban them too.

Of course the figures for young drivers are skewed because by definition a 18 year old has been driving less than 2 years.

If you were to raise the driving age up to say 20 the number of accidents in the 20-25 year old range would go up due to inexperience.

You then get into a "where do you draw the line debate"

redcrx's suggestion is good But I'd limit the car someone car drive to say less than 80-90 BHP/tonne in the first 2 years after getting a license
I'd definitely raise the age to 21 for young men - they just simply do not have the maturity.
I'm a young driver, I'e been driving almost 3 years and my insurance is still ridiculously high. If young drivers are going to get slammed by insurance I think its only fair for the premium to decrease significantly each year if they haven't made any claims.
And flip-flop that is a terrible generalisation. I'm a very good driver despite my age, I stick to speed limits and I can spot danger as well as any older driver. You cant throw us all in the same boat because of some idiots that give us a bad name.
No, yes and no. Why does AB keep on posting such stupid questions?
You may well be noselittle, but unfortunately many of your peer group are not - there is a disproportionately high number of deaths among male drivers under 21 which is largely brought about by bravado (in front of their mates) and therefore they are just simply too immature to handle the huge responsibility of driving a car.

As a result, and as unfair as it may possibly be to the likes of you who may be a good driver, I feel the group as a whole needs to be tarred with the same brush.

Similarly, I'd introduce a maximum age for driving - I'm sure there are many 80 year olds who are good drivers, but there are many who no longer have the reaction times required to drive in today's busy world.

And while we're on the subject, I'd also go for a mandatory re-test for everybody every five years or so.
i agree with noselittle im 21 have been drivin since i was 17 and have never had an accident i dont speed and i still have to pay �1000 a year insurance

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Danger of young drivers?

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