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has | 18:36 Sun 11th Jul 2010 | Motoring
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I will assume that the majority of you are drivers. If you are, will you please observe motorway rules properly?

If you are one of those selfish motorists that sit in the middle lane, when the near-side lane is virtually empty for miles ahead.....WHY?

Please use the motorway lanes as the highway code describes.

Or are you the same driver whom drives straight across a mini round-about at 40 mph + with other traffic waiting to go round.

While we're on this subject, are you the same driver that DOES NOT indicate around round-abouts when turning left or right?

You should re-take your bloody driving test ASAP.

This is so annoying & puts others in danger.

This is only the begining of my rant with all the idiots on the road - young & old...male & female.


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Yes why ?????? It is freeking annoying, and are we expected to just guess which direction drivers are going for funks sake ??? USE YOUR INDICATORS, they do have a purpose....and hesitation causes accidents.
I hope you're not that aggressive when you drive!
For you information Has, a lot of people are unaware BUT you can do something about this! It has happened to me many many times as a HGV I had a problem with an @rsol on the M5 at Bristol a few year ago, at was at the point of running this Basds off the road with him putting his foot down & off then on obviously you do not have the acceleration of a car with a HGV If I could of got hold of the Basd I would have cracked him one, what I done is take this @RSOLS NO stopped at a Motorway Phone box give them the box No Location, I was heading West this Bsads Reg/make of car & the colour they said leave it to the police to sort out, by the time I got going within An hour or so in the Westwood direction this @rsol was on the hard should with the police, the answer to all of your Motorway problems, there are phones every mile, if you intend to report someone do it this way but as you know you can do this all day.

Have a safe one.
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To answer docspock.

1. Because they can

2. Because they are big and you should bl@@dy well be able to see what they are doing AND because they can.

1 & 2 Because they are just as likely to be from another country so don't have to use road rules.
^ has

I tend to drive in the middle lane a lot - so chuffin what? It saves chopping and changing with lane 1 every few hundred yards when you come up behind a slower travelling car/HGV

In case you hadn't noticed there's an outside lane you can use to overtake vehicles in the middle lane

Use it and stop whingeing
To answer your Q Doc, Inexperience, I was not saint but there again the speed limit then was 60, I shudder when I see the HGVs travelling so close & what & has happened, the cabs of HGVs are no thicker than a car just because they are high they can still crumple & especially when the run up someones Else's @rse & like many on here we have seen it, the only advantage you have in a HGV you can see a long way ahead ( If you are an experienced driver that is) I will not stick up for the HGVs there are some Knob heads that think they can drive the things, I stated a few weeks back, you can learn to drive these things in a week pulling an EMPTY TRAILOR then the government in their wisdom allows the INEXPERIENCED KID to drive a BIG lorry carrying 44 tonnes, you tell me that's safe & I'll show my @rse in Marks & Sparks. Regards HGVs swinging into the middle lane as you put it, there is an @rsol the has been stuck close distance behind the HGV in the middle NOT MAKING PROGRESS getting the driver pzzzzzzzzed off, It only takes a car seconds to get out of the way but it takes a HGV a long time to pick up the revs because of the weight he / she is pulling, I hope this will answer some people inexperienced USE of the Motorway network.
Oh dear. A very typical example of just the very mindset we are up against.
Seems to think that because there is another lane to the right, he/she can't POSSIBLY be causing anyone else an inconvenience.
Without getting too technical (because such people probably wouldn't understand the point anyway, even if they cared) a simple explanation of why it causes inconvenience is because only one lane is available to filter at a higher speed past so roughly only half the volume of traffic per minute, all other things being equal.
Get it? - no, didn't think you would.
hmm joluke, but what about those of us who dont want to chop and change lanes every few minutes to overtake people who are just using the middle lane because they don't want to chop and change?
"Or are you the same driver whom drives straight across a mini round-about at 40 mph + with other traffic waiting to go round. "

I've never seen a mini roundabout on a motorway???
^ Yes, I'm afraid he is ANOTHER middle-laner. Give you the finger, and have not much sympathy for other road users.
I have one of the fastest cars .. but I still use inside lane and use both other lanes as necessary when overtaking.
I pay my road tax so if I wanna utilise the middle lane more often than you would like I will

I'm not saying I PERMANENTLY drive in the middle lane, I'll use the slow lane if there's nothing in it in the distance.........BUT if theres slower cars every couple of hundred yards along the slow lane what would be the point of me dodging in and out of it?
^ "I have one of the fastest cars"

What an F1?
I have been told by some women that they stay in the middle lane on a motorway because they don't like overtaking. Simple as that.
If that's the case bookbinder they should not be using the Motorway network & stop on A& B Roads for every one's safety.
TWR.......HGV's overtaking each other (very slowly) on dual carriageway main A roads, thus creating long queues of vehicles and slowing the traffic flow considerably

I can't stand it when I get stuck behind Susie Stutter at the roundabout. "Can I go, perhaps I can I go - ooh whoops, left it abit late - better not go now. I'll just wait a bit longer. Perhaps I can go now - oh not yet". For crying out loud - GO!!!!!
Tractors, lorries - anything bigger than white van man should be forbidden from using the highway between 7am and 7pm
Joeluke, you do not seem to know a lot do you? do you think HGVs can travel at the same speed as you on ( A Roads? 40 MPH do you think it's the drivers fault that some @rsol in Europe states that HGVs are limited to 56 on Motorway & coming down to 50mph, if it wasn't for the likes of HGVs lardhelmet that get up whilst your in bed you would not get your Fukng Corn Flakes/Milk/Papers, you want to get up early hrs & see how many HGVs are o the road at that time, Don't criticize about something that you both do not know anything about.
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