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How old has a car got to be to be taxed exempt?

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wesgerrard | 11:04 Fri 30th Mar 2007 | Motoring
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Hope someone can answer the above question! Thanks in advance!


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25 years i think but not to sure
nope sorry.
For your vehicle to be tax exempt, it must have been manufactured/registered before 1 January 1973.
you still need to display a tax disc, but there is no cost.
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Will it always stay at 1973 or wil it go to 1974 next year? Thanks
it used to be a rolling 25 years but good old Gord put a stop the that one so it has to be registered before 1973 now.
it's frozen
kujawski is right, the torys made it a rolling 25 years but the labour govt. changed it to include vehicles registered up to 1st jan 1973, so if you have a car up to the old 'k' plate ( ie; AAA123K) you are entitled to free road tax and it will be classed as historic vehicle not plg.
Don't forget that a pre-1973 vehicle will only be tax exempt provided it has current insurance and MOT.
The car has to be manufactured before 1973 NOT registered. I had an R reg (1977) morris minor that was tax exempt. It saw service abroad for a few years before so it had never been registered over here.

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How old has a car got to be to be taxed exempt?

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