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Safe Drivers

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AB Editor | 10:13 Fri 24th Aug 2012 | Motoring
38 Answers

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  • Mature Drivers - 160 votes
  • 55%
  • Lady Drivers - 81 votes
  • 28%
  • Male Drivers - 47 votes
  • 16%
  • Young Drivers - 3 votes
  • 1%

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Sorry Brimoan- I forgot to add that on the same thread MartinBev also had a problem:

"I have never had an accident and must have averaged 12,000 miles per year so I think this has been through good luck. What I can not understand however I have 12+ shattered windscreens ..."

A person that has qualifications to say he / she is a good driver, a person that has never had a bump or claim, a person that knows the highway code & respects it, a person that does not take risks /chances, I do not think this question can be answered in a better way.
a person that has never had a bump or claim

Thanks TWR, you know your stuff.
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Insurance is always cheaper for Lady Drivers proving that they are the safest drivers, end of story!
All those groups have their faults. Roll on the day when the car drives itself and I can snooze in the back.
All that indicates is that they make fewer or smaller claims Toureman. Tells you little about being safest.
I drive professionally, and see some terrible driving.

I am sorry to say that invariably when I see really bad dangerous manoeuvres, it is a man at the wheel.
Hi factor30

I never owned a metro and I do not know anybody who has.
I did hire one in Jersey for about 5 days.
I did look at one once but went for another type of car ( a ford fiesta I think ) and never had a shattered windscreen in that car.
My mother said she was a better driver than my father as she had 1 accident against my father's 3.
The problem is she only ever owned 2 cars and the total mileage was 80,000.
My father had to use his car for work and he drove between 30,000 and 40,000 miles a year for 30 years of his working life.
This does not include hire cars. He was sent abroad on several occasions and hired a car at the airport.
I put the wrong answer!! I looked at the answers down here first and got confused! lol! I think male drivers are the safest but put ladies by accident! =s
The insurance companies would definately know and would be reflected in the premiums.
Unfair question
Ticked mature to indicate those with a mature attitude rather than of mature years.
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I'd like to know why B. is Lady Drivers and not Female Drivers as opposed to C. Male drivers - it seems a very old fashioned term and when does a 'Lady' or a 'male' become 'Mature' i.e. How do we know what percentage of Mature drivers are 'female'?
As a past driving instructor (lady), females tended to be the safest but when it came to reversing manoeuvers, ie parking, they weren't as good as the men.
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Safe Drivers

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