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Scoop - Based On Prince Andrew's Car Crash Television Interview

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naomi24 | 12:45 Wed 03rd Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Airs on Netflix on Friday.  Will you be watching?  I said I wouldn't - but I've changed my mind.



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don't got netflix😞

I might do but in my heart I think it's already been done to death for real. What else can they add?

I think it's already been done to death

"Prince Andrew the musical" is worth a look

written and performed bt the same fella.... prince of wales is afro - the songs are strictly written - duet - patter song, etc

the chorus of servants is mainly afro  - -

I love Rufus Sewell. Not sure I want to watch him looking like Prince Andrew!

I missed Prince Andrew the Musical

I'll be missing Scoop (much as I like Gillian Anderson)

Likewise A Very Royal Scandal

Human kind can not bear very much royality, as TS Eliot noted.

It was painful enough watching the real version. I'm not sure what can be added from a dramatisation, but I'll probably give it a look.

The real interview was excruciatingly painful, so I'm unlikely to seek further exposure.

I would find it more interesting cutting my toe nails.🤣

Sorry, I'm going to Pizza Hut.

no sweat, hoppy

Andy will probably watch it - boost his ego!

thx - I thought Scoop would be the SECOND remake of Evelyn  Waugh's novel of the same name - main character (Boot I think) based on WIlliam (Lord) Deedes of the Daily Telegraph. ( "Lord Deedes your autobiography is fascinating but did you do anything like marry and have children?")

yes deffo - 3 h to make up but the mannerisms are spot on (a/c to a critic) . Andrew's acquaitances were  more than ready to advise on that

ANdie has better p.r. sense !

I'll watch it no sweat!

The musical is WELL worth a go

Kieran H is writer and lead ( singer) - classically structured songs ( from the Victorian music hall and opera) - inc a patter song, If there is a servant,  then he is afrocaribbean  as is the Prince of Wales, - the servants dance as a chorus

oh and there is Pr Andie in it

I'll not be watching it.  

But mention of it prompts the thought, if you were rich enough to afford the best advice available, and didn't take it, what would that say about you?

He didnt take advice and rejected coaching, didnt  he?

I felt sorry for  his lack of  self-awareness - and how  much THAT cost his mother. - iI mean you know she might have had to sell a palace or something

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I've watched about half of it but I'm not sure I'll bother with the rest.  I'm finding it slow and dreary.

luke warm reviews

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Scoop - Based On Prince Andrew's Car Crash Television Interview

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