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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....

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ToraToraTora | 18:52 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
38 Answers

Haven't had one for a while....

Q: In What sport do players use divot tools to repair pitch marks?

A: Polo!




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Are you going to tell us the answer?

Question Author

the answer is obvious, that's the point.

Better than water-polo

Ben Shephard came out with a howler on Tipping Point earlier.



Question Author

18:45, wrong thread?


I often try to repair divots when playing water polo but they seem to disappear before I get to them!

Although I got the correct answer .... golf, I can see the logic in the contestant answering polo.

An apology would be welcome TTT.

Question Author

For what?

Polo? Isn't that another torus?

TTT 19.33

An apology to the contestant perhaps.

When I heard the question, I immediately thought the answer would either be polo or golf. Knowing that both sports created divots, I narrowed the answer to golf, as the question mentioned divot tools. In polo the divots are repaired by pressing them back into the turf by boots or shoes.

I take exception to your comment, 'the answer is obvious'. To me the answer is definitely not obvious. If the contestant was not a golf fan it's NOT obvious what the answer is.

Question Author

19:52, don't be silly. The question talks about a divot tool to repair pitch marks not some obscure Polo ritual that no one has heard of.

I immediately answered Polo.  Its an ages old tradition where spectators go onto the pitch to tread the divots back into the ground.

Question Author

what tool do they use ?

Divot treader?

TTT 19.52 // Don't be silly//

I'm afraid, in this instance, you're the one who is being silly. Why not man up and admit, for once, that it's you that's cocked up well and truly.

You talk about 'some obscure polo ritual that no one has heard of.' Oh dear, they walk amongst us, just because you've never heard of divots on a polo pitch doesn't mean that no one else has.

The only difference between answering golf or polo to the question is the word 'tool'. Both golf courses and polo pitches produce divots, so for you to come out with your 'they walk amongst us' line was a bit .... oh yes .. silly.

How about doing the honourable thing and admit, just this once, you were wrong to highlight the contestant's answer? You know it would make sense.


Question Author

I've heard of the stomping ritual, the question mentions a tool. Don't be a wally.

Surely 20.29 BA?


Question Author

have a day off piggy, he's one of hymie's chums trying to score against a brexiteer.

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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....

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