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Death In Paradise

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megfitz | 18:55 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Is anyone else as confused as I am about  the character played by Hayley Mills, was she the three people who stole the money, who fell off the boat?

I became very confused at the denouement.!



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19:00 Mon 12th Feb 2024

Past its sell-by date - now awful.

Bah humbug, DTC.  Nobody has to watch it but let those who do continue to enjoy it.

As there only seem to be four police officers on the island of Saint Marie (plus a 'Commissioner' who usually swans around in full uniform), how did they plan to provide 'police protection' to the character who was offered it?

I did snigger when during the public meeting the DCI said that murder was a rarity on the island

More dangerous than Midsomer.

I agree with DTC, dreadful programme which I stopped watching a long time ago.

No one is stopping anyone enjoying it, Barry, just expressing an opinion.

I love it and don't think about the plot canyons! Who would go to a place with such a murder rate?

What makes me laugh is that virtually every actor you have ever seen on British TV takes their turn at a little holiday in Guadeloupe.

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Death In Paradise

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