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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....part Deux!

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ToraToraTora | 20:20 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Q: What CAPITAL is home to "Epic" the IRISH immigration museum?

A: Washington!




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I know this one because I've been there! Dublin!!!

It's actually EMIGRATION. The contestant may well have assumed USA if they heard IMIGRATION.

Question Author

the question basically "what is the capital of Ireland?"

no it's not

it's asking where is a museum that you've never heard of

you can't even quote the question correctly - clever you!

Question Author

yes but the art is to distill the real question, the museum is irrelevant. I highlighted the key words to help you out.

Question Author

once again my superpower is evident! People pretend to be stupid to make a silly point! PMSL!

Question Author

^^^ that's a compliment by the way, no one is as stupid as you are pretending to be!

you've lost this one ttt - fess up 

No TTT, replacing emigration with immigration is no minor point. 

-- answer removed --
Question Author

just a typo.

I would have said NewYork based on the wording in your OP

As you posed it - where would there be a museum to Irish IMMIGRATION? Certainly not in Ireland!

Davebro is right. If it was immigration as you incorrectly said, it would make sense for it to be in a different country from Ireland. America being the most likely.

Question Author

that's why I love these it gets normally un thick people to pretend to be thick to make some sort of silly point!

and just as easy for the contestant to mis-hear?

ttt - you're the one (trying but failing) to make a silly point.

If you keep on doing threads like this you were bound to trip up & make a fool of yourself eventually!

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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....part Deux!

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