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Countrylover | 22:27 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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So the lovely Paul O'grady is being replaced by Alison Hammond of all people.  He was so quiet and gentle with the dogs,  Which worked so well. I won't be watching.   I must admit she drives me mad.



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You surprise me, I thought Amanda Holden had that gig.

Lottie, give her a chance, she may be good with the dogs . 

I thought she'd be terrible on Bake Off...wrong. She was wonderful...warm and funny. Not OTT. I'd give her a chance too.

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I just can't take to  her Anne.  Paul was so calm and quiet with all the dogs.  She's no noisy.  I can't see dogs who have problems  or distressed getting on with her. I hope I'm wrong.   

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I dont watch bake-off Pasta, so can't comment.   I've seen her on other programmes though.  Not my cup of tea.  

Lottie, who would you like to have replaced Paul?

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Martin Clunes Barsell.  He's wonderful with dogs, but he'd be too expensive.

Does Linda Lusardi like dogs?

I'd watch it if she was on.

She  really surprised me(pleasantly) on Bake Off,so I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

Where could you find a person so natural(with dogs) to replace the much much missed Paul.

BTW,one of my best friends lives near the churchyard(Boninngton,Nr Ashford,Kent) where Paul is buried(next to his first partner,who died in 2005).

When the weather is better,we intend to place flowers on his grave.

See here:~';grady

Sleep well Paul, all the dogs,and us will miss you.


No Hoppy, she's allergic to their fur.Comes out in a rash all over.

Yes Lottie, I would watch him and he would be good.

Question Author

The thing about Paul was that he wasn't interested in promoting himself.  He was quite humble. Someone loud and bubbly doesn't seem right.  

They're gonna bake off the dogs ?   How cruel.

Ms Hammond is one of the many people on television whose appeal utterly illudes me.

Obviously there is appeal in a bumtious loud Brummie woman who has clearly graduated from the Rustie Lee School Of Pointless Mirth.

I never watch programmes she is on, but it's a shame for anyone who is going to gave a much-loved programme ruined by having her shoehorned into it.

I hope for them she is not as awful as she has been every time I have seen and heard her, which is as long as it takes me to hit the remote and switch to another channel - any channel will do!

I think you mean eludes Andy - typo?

Yup, typo, it's been a long day!!

Thing is Paul was loud too - did you ever listen to his radio show? Very shouty at times.

On Bake off she is really nice and actually very surprising.

I blame Oprah.

I am not a fan of hers, although I don't mind her on GBB, but she appears to be ITV's go to option at the moment, not sure why as she has limited talent 

I m sure she is a nice person but she is far too loud and bumptious for that job

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