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Idiot Comment By Ben Shephard

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DTCwordfan | 17:40 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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The question - which city in Scotland is connected by the Clyde Tunnel?

Wrong answer as in 'Edinburgh' and Ben comments that it's Greater Glasgow and that it's the largest city, the second being Aberdeen and the third, Edinburgh.

Come on Ben, Aberdeen is less than half the size of the capital unless, unbeknown to me, they have been breeding like Grampian rabbits or have taken a huge number of the Channel immigrants in.......

Any other howlers out there?



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not sure what you mean other than 'the world, alternative universe'......?

Question Author

Got you - half of these shows live probably live in an alternative universe though!

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Idiot Comment By Ben Shephard

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