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mallyh | 18:35 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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i want Ellie and Vito to win ,who do you want x



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I wanted Nigel 😓

But the best dancers are the boys!  


I think Annabel is the most graceful though and may be a surprise win especially as she had  no dancing experience at all and because of her sad situation during the contest which will bring in the votes. And Johannas (sp) is amazing.

Ellie and Vito or Annabel and Johannes, probably Ellie slightly more.

Ellie for me too.  I really hope the public doesn't vote for the two men who dance together - forgotten their names - but professional dancers competing make for unfair competition.

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Bobby would be good playing a young Mick Jagger x

It's really is entertainment and fun rather than a competition though.  So basically I don't care who wins.  Would be nice if it is Annabel.

He's too pretty Mally! 

Bobby is so like his poor mum.  She'd be proud of him.  

I would like Ellie and Vito to win also, Mally. She has improved so much from week 1.

Ellie & Vito for me to, they make such a lovely couple

Yes, Ellie for me too though Annabel has come a long way and is the only one who is not "in the business". I really don't want Layton to win, normally I don't mind if someone has dance experience but he's in a whole different league from the others. 

The most talented dancer will lift the glitterball.  Step forward Layton.😍

Does it not depend on audience votes?

Ellie or Annabelle both with no dancing experience. I was sorry that Nigel was injured as I would have liked him to be in the final. Leyton with a lot of dance experience started well and has remained on the same level, but is quite obviously the judges favourite. Thank goodness it's down to a public vote in the end. Think it's been a really good year this year

Yes it does, which is why I think Annabel will do well. She's carried on regardless of the tragedy she's gone through.   I actually think she is a better dancer than Ellie.  Her posture is better and she is so graceful.

Have any of you ever voted on Strictly or other TV shows?

I did once.  I can remember voting for Will Young! That was years ago.  I think it was called Pop star, once of the first programs of its type.

I vote every week on line

I may break the habit of a lifetime and actually vote this year! 

Perhaps we should all vote this year.  For anyone other than Layton that is.  I appreciate he is a very talented dancer but he has been trained to be so from a very young age.  He even played the lead role in Billy Elliott the musical in the West End at age 12!  Since then he has starred in several major theatre productions as well as TV and Film roles.  I do admit that I enjoy watching him dance.  He is brilliant.  However I think to put him on Strictly is against the spirit and ethos of the show.  To set him against the likes of Krishnan Guru-Murthy for instance is laughable.  However hard Krishnan practised, and he did, he was never going to measure up to Layton.  To my mind it just seems so unfair to the other participants to have someone of his calibre on the show.

If he does win, and the judges seem to love him, then it will be a travesty. Yes I know its the public who decides in the final, so it's all down to us......Annabel, Ellie, or Bobby?

Layton for me.  It doesn't bother me that he has been on the stage in musicals e.g. Billy Elliott which was about ballet.  Ballroom and Latin dancing completely different skills.  He's a joy to watch.

Annabel for me.  Ellie has admitted to doing ballet, tap dancing and street dancing when younger so she does have some experience.  

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