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mallyh | 19:35 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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i want Ellie and Vito to win ,who do you want x



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Bobby and Annabel 2nd and 3rd .Bobby seems such a nice lad and his dad is so proud of him x

Look at it like this: it's a popularity contest, not a dance contest. Annabel has never been in the bottom two, so has never even had a chance to be voted out, because she's popular. Most actors have had some singing and dancing lessons, but it doesn't matter ... because the winner will be the one who gets the most votes, not the one who gets the highest scores.  Inevitably that means the one who has followed the best journey ... which probably isn't Layton, even though he's arguably the best dancer.

 He does seem a lovely young  man



I vote each week & would like to see Annabel win.

If you're interested, the folk voting on the spoiler site ended up with these positions (I had to place a vote to get the results) -

You're right Ellipsis.  It's basically a good show and we don't get many of those these days.  But I wish Claudia would cut her fringe and stop her attempts at humour.  I find her really annoying along with the noisy jumping about at the end of each episode!!

Annabelle's husband, Mel, died in May, not during the contest, but it must still be very raw and difficult for her and quite honestly I don't know how she's done it. Johannes is the best partner she could have had, under the circumstances, he's so kind and gentle.

I love Claudia, she's a good opposite to cool collected Tess who I really don't like. I like the way she dresses and behaves in her own inimitable style. We both find her very funny.

It's good that we are all different.  Mr L can't stand  Claudia and finds her very unattractive, but finds cool, calm Tess  very attractive indeed. I am far from cool, calm and attractive!!  We turn channels when all the jumping about starts!!

I got it wrong about her husband.  I thought it was  more recent.

Johannas fascinates me!

It has to be Bobby for me.


If Johannes fascinates you, you may find his recent book "Jo-Jo" an interesting read. I'm half-way through atm (library copy!)...he had a real hard time growing up.

I've either read somewhere, or seen on the tv, about how difficult a growing up Johannes had. I think he's such a lovely chap inherently but his experiences must have also had a huge impact on him and how he approaches things. 
He's been so good for Annabelle.

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