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Same Sex Couples On Strictly

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thesshhh | 06:42 Tue 07th Jul 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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How do you feel about Strictly having same sex couples? Comments beneath this Sun article aren’t exactly positive:


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I'm gonna come out and say it... I bloody love Strictly. And as for same-sex couples? Couldn't give a monkeys. I guess they'll have to figure out, as a partnership who will take the "male" role and lead, but short of that, who cares? Strictly is pretty homoerotic anyway, same sex coling will only enhance the gay factor!

They have had gay celebs on in the past (Rev Richard Coles, Judge Rinder, Susan Calman spring to mind), so what does it really matter who they're dancing with?
not sure to be honest, the jury is out on this one...
*same sex coupling.
bosom to bosom....ugh!

I kind of think that the people who are going to get worked up about this are the kind of folk who don't really watch Strictly anyway, or will watch it just to be able to complain about it).

A little research shows that Dancing With The Stars are planning the same thing Stateside, and SCD Australia did it last season.
I love strictly, have watched it religiously, not sure I like the idea, but they have trialled it last season and I guess one has to get used to it.
I recall a male judge saying about 'how males dress'....dters partner told me what he meant, lol
Can she explain it to me, tambo? Is it linked in some way to the sexual orientation of the judge?
It's the end of the world as we know it.

And if you have a look around, not a bad thing.
I have nothing against gay people(I have gay family members and friends) but not keen on them doing this ,I didn't enjoy H on dancing on ice .
Absolutely, Mally. We have to draw the line at class A drugs!
Will one be slinging the other about in death defying moves as the mixed couples do - and if it's two blokes will one be wearing a beautiful, sparkly gown?

I gave up watching Strictly a long time ago - and this wouldn't tempt me back to it. I'm thoroughly fed up with political correctness - but apart from that I think it will look ridiculous.
If one wears a gown, it will be hilarious rather than ridiculous. With the gay following Strictly has, it's less "political correctness" than it is "knowing your audience".
Not sure either, I didn’t like H on DOI either , a bit too camp, it’ll be odd watching two men/ women perform the Argentine Tango haha
//"knowing your audience". //

I'd hazard a guess that whilst the show is popular with gays, they are nevertheless in the minority - so knowing your audience? Doubtful.
H on DOI?
H from the group STEPPS ( that’s what he goes by)
On Dancing on Ice :0)
Ohhhh... thanks Bobbi. Something else I don't watch.
They had a same sex couple on Dancing on Ice last year naomi, it was H from Steps and I thought he looked bloody ridiculous, especially when he wore a skirt for his last dance, I say last dance because that was the night he was booted off! Not happy that Strictly is having a same sex couple this year, but I've been going off it for a while now anyway and may just record it and skip past the same sex couple, as I skip past others I'm not keen on.
I love DOI, Prefer it to Strictly but also prefer Judge Jason Gardiner rather than the very OTT John Barrowman , I use to really like him but since being in the jungle, he’s as camp as Christmas now

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Same Sex Couples On Strictly

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