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Should The Bbc Introduce Same Sex Couples On Strictly Come Dancing?

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anotheoldgit | 10:46 Sun 10th Sep 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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Absolutely.....bring it on....couple of Gays dancing together....a couple of what?
As long as they don't breast feed their babies on the show....the gays I i don't ..the lesbians.....can they feed their babies?...oh! I don't know what i mean.
I have no interest in this rather silly program, and they could have dancing dogs as far as I am concerned.
//This year's contestant Susan Calman was targeted by online for agreeing to take part in the show and dance with a male partner.//

Targeted by who?
Surely not?

No. We don't want this kind of thing stuffed down our throats, particularly before 'the watershed'.
alan carr and paul o'grady performing l'apache would probably boost the viewing figures

If they want to lose a portion of their audience, why not ?
I expect the independent TV companies will be pleased.
Of course, I see no reason not to have same sex dancers!
Targeted by the gay community, Talbot, for dancing with the opposite gender and thus betraying them.
Yes- I didn't answer when this first came up because I couldn't see there would be any controversy anyway.
what about the bi's will they dance by themselves ?
Definitely not. That would be a step too far.
I don't think there should be any obligation to, but why not?
forgot to add no to the above question
I think the lifts would be a bit rubbish.
same sex couples were dancing together when i was a teenager fifty odd years ago, why the controversy now?
ael......yes, you are partially correct....women would dance together ( the ones that couldn't get a bloke) but one never saw men dancing together. fifty years ago.
I'm surprised they have not been forced to do it already.
I don't think there is a controversy in this case, at least not a meaningful one. But some internet morons moaned about Calman dancing with a man rather than a woman, perhaps under the illusion that being openly gay somehow requires you to abandon all interaction with members of the opposite sex, and the mainstream media thought that pointing out this controversy would sell papers or generate internet traffic or otherwise get their websites read.

In any meaningful sense there's no story here. This thread has already given it far too much attention.
That's quite sad, Sqad. Not even mates?
jeez anything to boost the ratings!
and yes why not

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Should The Bbc Introduce Same Sex Couples On Strictly Come Dancing?

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