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Daniel Mays Christmas Film Amazon Prime

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barry1010 | 17:58 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I will watch anything with Daniel Mays but didn't know about a Christening film he did for Prime last year and apparently a sequel will be shown in a couple of weeks.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  The name of both films would be good 



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Christmas, not Christening 

Your Christmas or Mine User Recommendation

And Your Christmas or Mine 2!

Question Author

Thank you.  Is it worth watching? 

I really like him too, and anything he's in. I've just added last years to my list 👍 Thanks for mentioning it Barry, I'd never have known about it.


I love Daniel.  He can do no wrong.  Thanks Barry x

I've never heard of him.

I think you'd recognise him Naomi, I didn't know his name but his face is very familiar.

Question Author

I liked him in Magpie Murders, too.  A great series if you missed it. 

A second series next year

Whoops again to my link.


I loved him in Fisherman's friends and he was amazing in Dunkirk.hes now on the Wesr End stage in Guys and Dolls!


Ohhh, yes I do know him.  I just googled him.   I wouldn't have known his name though.

Was sure you would Naomi.  Did you ever watch Fisherman's friends.  If was so enjoyable.  Its on again I believe, but he's not in it.

He was brilliant in Line of Duty.

No idea who he was until I saw the photo.

He was in Good Omens - not a big part.  He was also in the Good Omens Parody (look it up on YouTube)

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I first really noticed him in Mrs Biggs

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Daniel Mays Christmas Film Amazon Prime

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