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Strictly Take Two

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Vagus | 19:57 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Does anyone watch this? We do and have commented a few times on why the presenter Fleur East wears such large trouser suits. She's not overweight but these suits make her look as if she is.




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I don't watch it, but she always wears bigclothes and huge hair.

We watch The Voice.  We really like Anne Marie and she's been wearing this for every episode

I think large jackets are in vogue.  Cher wore one at the weekend, on a talk show, right over her hands, looked awful

Funnily enough we commented on that last night. It looked awful and ill- fitting did nothing for her at all

On The Voice, all the judges wear the same clothes for all the audition episodes. I can't stand what Anne Marie is wearing. Looks like a messy and over sized school uniform. 

Agree Pasta, and with the silly little skirt it makes it worse.  Don't like her hair now either.  But I do like her and the other three judges.  They sword perfectly together.  Lots of fun!

She was in the early stages of pregnancy and wanted to keeping under wraps

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Strictly Take Two

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