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DeeLicious | 16:01 Sun 15th Dec 2019 | Media & TV
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Do you prefer Strictly Come Dancing having trained experienced dancers like Kelvin and Karim, or untrained novices like Mike Bushell and Anneka Rice, or a mixture of the two? Personally I prefer novices making a journey, and I don't see the point in getting already excellent dancers who hardly have room for improvement from the outset. Bit like getting Lewis Hamilton to take part in a celeb go-kart race


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If it was a whole program of people like Mike Bushell and Anneka Rice I wouldn't watch it, as that would not be entertainment, just slow torture. PS Kelvin was not a trained dancer - look it up.
I prefer the mix as it is , I'm not sure a bit of tap or twirling on stage equates to Ballroom and Latin when you refer to trained dancers however.
Who said Kelvin was a 'trained, experienced dancer' ?? News to me.
i hadn't heard that Karim or Kelvin were trained dancers,

where did you read or learn this..
It was bloomin’ obvious! You don’t get that good after just a few weeks. Actors tend to receive dance training at drama school, and even if not ballroom and Latin all dancing is about movement and timing.
Not obvious to me at all, some are just good at dancing and some aren't.
We have this Post Mortem every year, I like the balance as it is - didn't care for the overly comic entrants of the past, it made the show a parody of sorts.

It's marvellous to watch how people who claim to have two left feet really do improve, some more than others of course.
Emma was good, from a total novice to being a good dancing partner for Anton. Who always got the lemons... not this time..
I've often wondered if the judges ever find a flaw in the performances of the professional dancers. Surely they can't always be top notch
Mrs sqad says:

She agrees with Deelivious.......the whole point of Strictly is taking someone in September giving them a professional dancer and teaching the to dance by the Christmas show, assessing them week by week.....ALL amateurs.

Kelvin has never danced.
Karim has been to drama school and has been taught ballet as it showed with his jive.
"I wouldn't watch it, as that would not be entertainment, just slow torture"

Mrs sqad says that is the whole assess them through the "journey".
of course they all go through the journey, oh dear
Well, it's not exactly a level playing field when some contestants have been to stage school and learned dance. I did ballet as a child and even though it was eons ago, it does teach you how to hold your limbs and have a sense of exact timing with the music which I would probably still have. It would probably be quite hard to find enough contestants who are willing to be in the show and have not been to stage school though. course, but not from the same starting point.
IF they have had some dance training they should "come clean" at the start of....the "journey.

mrs sqad replies.
Sqad please advise Mrs S that Karim went to the Sylvia Young School and has also appeared in the Lion King in London as Simba;-)) think she should set up her own account. Karim........Mrs sqad said that.....17.27

What is your point?....she agrees with you.
Does it really's a light-entertainment show, not a serious dance competition. If everyone started off as badly as Cracknell, James, Rice et al, nobody would want to watch.
It always seems to matter to some on here - wish they'd change the bloody record !
Sqad - apologies I missed the bit about drama school, was meant to be a bit of extra information for her interest. Things appear differently when written as opposed to spoken :-) big deal.

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