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grumpy01 | 18:57 Mon 15th Mar 2021 | Media & TV
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When is an anagram not an anagram,when it’s on Pointless.However justice was done when they didn’t win the jackpot.


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what happened?
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The deciding round was an anagram round of 5 male tennis champions.The first couple went for Rafa Nadal and the second couple for Bjorn Borg.Despite the anagram showing Rafael Nadal they let them have it saying it was difficult to pronounce his name.So is an anagram an anagram or isn’t it.
Their anagrams are arranged in alphabetical order.
being a bit anal there me old china, they knew the answer.
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Hopkirk is an anagram an anagram or not, if it isn’t why bother?
Agreed, they got the right person.
They weren't asked to solve the anagram, they were told to identify the male Wimbledon champion.
They never won the jackpot
any way.
They've disallowed many answers in the past for wrong pronunciation, i have thought at the time that it seemed to be a bit harsh as they knew the answer.
Rather amusing how the John McEnroe one caught them all out......
// being a bit anal there me old china, they knew the answer.//
oh come on come on free-tee

being a bit anal there me old foo, it isnt an analgram, its an anagram!

haw haw haw .. .. beat me blind ....end of!

I agree, grumpy. The anagram was Rafael Nadal. I thought Armstrong should have pressed the contestant for the ‘proper’ answer.
oK hawkeyes -
did anyone notice F scott fitzgerald wasnt in full by anyone today

( dicko, thacko, waino, - oops and P G woodo)

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