Well Game Of Thrones Now Sucks :(

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Calicogirl | 09:02 Tue 14th May 2019 | Media & TV
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I can't get over the lame, lazy screen writing now for Game of Thrones.
Everything is being wound up in a nasty unfulfilling rushed way because they can't option the actors for any more series without paying them a King's ransom, and tbh I feel utterly cheated. Meh.

Is anyone else really disappointed in it now?


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Thought it was standard for US series to keep going while a fortune was being made, then wind up suddenly, unsatisfactorily, when things are less optimum.
I maybe the only person on earth that has never watched it, played it, listened to it, read about it, etc!

You're not, 1ozzy ;-)
It's the dragons I feel most sorry for. I sincerely hope that counselling is put in place.
I doubt it. The only bit I've ever seen was from a DVD loaned me. After a while watching awful characters depress the heck out of one, with their abominable behaviour, I turned off and never felt any need to watch more.
I have never watched it but Mr T loves it. He watches it when I'm not in so that he can have the sound turned up high and the curtains drawn.
Don't feel sorry Doug, dragons are very resilient.

Ask any married man....
Oi what,,,sheila?
It ahsn;t bee very satisfying, visually stunning at times but at the expense of storytelling and good character development
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It is OG, but it wasn't a failing show, this is just pure greed and laziness to start with the spinoffs off the back of the original series with another load of actors they don't have to pay much because no-one knows who they are. Yet. Then once it gets popular, rinse and repeat...
How did you know that my name is Sheila, Oz?

(Sorry, Calico. Going off topic here.)
Question Author
That's weird my name's Sheila too! ;-)
// rinse and repeat//

Sounds like a washing machine churning out same old same.
Yeah well, real names are so hard to remember.

Sheila and mate covers all and sundry.
Did you mean Al and Sandy?
Question Author
Everytime I read anything you've posted 1ozzie I hear it in Crocodile Dundee's voice, it's awesome. Actually I've just realised I have voices for everyone on here who posts regularly- does anyone else have that?
Damm you're good with names Doug ;-/
Are they in GOT?
No, Cal. I just have my own voice in my head.

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Well Game Of Thrones Now Sucks :(

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