One Day In Gaza

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vetuste_ennemi | 22:05 Mon 13th May 2019 | Media & TV
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I've just started watching this program. (For those who haven't seen it and are interested it was on BBC2 at 9.00 pm). An exceptional day in Gaza, perhaps, but to me after having watched just five minutes it looks like just another normal night on the BBC.

What do you guys who've seen the program think?


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Bit biased, was it? I'll force myself to watch it and get back to you.
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Grom, assuming he reads and is interested in this thread, will be accusing you of using dodgy sources, Khandro.
odd isn't it, given the BBC's leaning toward the Palestinian side of this conflict, that the Eurovision Song Contest is being shown this week. why have they not boycotted it in protest?
im 50/50 on that problem but really whats the Israelis supposed to do let them break through and massacre their people, yes i know the Israelis should not be on the west bank (been there a few times ) but this kind of attacking them will not work as shown in this episode

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One Day In Gaza

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