Well Game Of Thrones Now Sucks :(

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Calicogirl | 09:02 Tue 14th May 2019 | Media & TV
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I can't get over the lame, lazy screen writing now for Game of Thrones.
Everything is being wound up in a nasty unfulfilling rushed way because they can't option the actors for any more series without paying them a King's ransom, and tbh I feel utterly cheated. Meh.

Is anyone else really disappointed in it now?


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Yeah Sandy Clegane and Al issair Thorn ( of the Night's Watch ) ;-)
I do that too Cal.

I've probably got the accents wrong, but it's a tad of fun.

PS: Dame Edna may be closer than Croc Dundee;-/
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Hmmm okay then just means I'm weirder than I originally thought I was Tilly- but it is the middle of the night here and I'm sleep deprived, so I'm going back to bed for a bit. Catch you later :) x
Question Author
Oh glad it's not just me 1ozzie, I felt peculiar for a moment there lol ;-) x
Now I know you've got me in there as Stephen Fry but i'm actually more Kenneth Williams.
Tilly needs to stretch her imagination a wee bit ;-)
I had you voiced as William Wallace Doug.

But you've just destroyed my mental image
Ooooh, Matron!
Not at all disappointed am loving it
so what's my voice then calico?
What might have been...
Question Author
I've got Douglas sounding like Fraser from Dad's Army, and TTT sounding like Eliza Doolittle's Dad.... I'll shut up now before someone puts a hit out on me :)
Do you realise that you are now doooommmed? :-)
" TTT sounding like Eliza Doolittle's Dad"

Really enjoying it myself.
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I was right up to the last episode and visually it was breathtaking, and I'm liking nutty Danaerys because I called that when she first didn't give a toss about her brother getting molten gold poured all over his head, but really boring Cersei and Jamie 'death', epic lack of judgement in Tyrion betraying Varys when he KNEW he only wanted what was best for the realm, and Sandor Clegane...what the hell???It's feeling like a tick list of people they need to kill to round off the season and they aren't too fussy whether it's dramatic and satisfying or just meh.
I'm really hoping they've just cleared the field for some great interpersonal dynamic next week because I'm feeling really flat about it, and I'm a massive fan :(
Oh dear. I like the social commentary that mankind just goes back to killing one another instead of a common enemy once the common enemy has been defeated.
//..Actually I've just realised I have voices for everyone on here who posts regularly..//

What's my voice then , calico ?
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Yeah I have nothing against the brutality or even depicting the futility of death but it just feels like lazy writing. I don't even mind when my favourites gets killed ( 3 in that episode Varys, Jaimie and Sandor), but their deaths just seemed so contrived. Maybe I'm just jaded about it but I was so excited watching the first 20 minutes and then...
Has it gone beyond the books now, storyline wise?

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Well Game Of Thrones Now Sucks :(

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