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vetuste_ennemi | 21:32 Tue 14th May 2019 | Media & TV
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Watching this on BBC4. (Naturally, darlings, I wouldn't have dreamed of watching it if it had been on any other channel).

Some key points from VE:

Features TV's greatest presenter: Ryland.

Super song from one of Britains' greatest exports: Australia.

First showing of a new fusion genre by the Portuguese entry: fado rap.

And my predictions?

The new fusion genre will not get the voters excited, but the Australian entry will do well.

What are your predictions?


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I predict that Greece will vote for Cyprus and Cyprus will vote for Greece.
oh I predict ......
st nige and Bo Jo will sing a duet

Brexit rap ? - - no no - doing the brexit walk - oy ! (*)

it will do very well xc for the european block vote - nool pwant there boys and girls !

(*) ya have to be kinda pre war for that one
google doing the lambeth walk
// I predict that Greece will vote for Cyprus and Cyprus will vote for Greece.//

for a song called - - Turkish Delight !
Never understood the "nul points" thing which seems to have entered the nation's collective consciousness - it's not even correct French!
My scores (out of 10):

Cyprus 6
Montenegro 6
Finland 8
Poland 6
Slovenia 7
Czech Republic 5
Hungary 5
Belarus 7
Serbia 9
Belgium 6
Georgia 6
Australia 4
Iceland 3
Estonia 8
Portugal 4
Greece 5
San Marino 6
The UK will get 2 points.
I’ve heard our entry but can’t recall a single thing about it.
JIim F

popularised by Katie Boyle ( ein pint was another)
well well before you time
( first Dr Who, watvhing the bacon slicer times)
durr pwant - please keep in character
>>> The UK will get 2 points

Not tonight, they won't! The UK isn't in the semi-finals ;-)
you mean you have to ....... qualify for this !

My prediction, I think I will be washing my hair that evening, yes I've still got some, so probably will not see it, never mind there's always next year ;o)
Buen//The UK isn't in the semi-finals ;-)//
Oh yes. Lucky us, we go straight to the final. I predict deux points for us there. (Forgive my attempt at French - I did German at school.)

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