Well Game Of Thrones Now Sucks :(

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Calicogirl | 09:02 Tue 14th May 2019 | Media & TV
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I can't get over the lame, lazy screen writing now for Game of Thrones.
Everything is being wound up in a nasty unfulfilling rushed way because they can't option the actors for any more series without paying them a King's ransom, and tbh I feel utterly cheated. Meh.

Is anyone else really disappointed in it now?


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Yeah it's different, even George RR Martin said it needed another 3-5 seasons to round it off properly so he's not chuffed either and I think I'm miffed because I genuinely do think it's been cynically wrapped quickly because they can't option the actors for the money they want to spend and so they're eager to move on to the next spinoff which will be far cheaper to make but have the same fanbase.
George would say that tho ;-)
I am loving it. This weeks penultimate episode was exhausting and emotional to watch.
Never watched a single episode
//Well Game Of Thrones Now Sucks :(//

Well, there's a spoiler if there ever was one. Late on parade, I've only watched the first series. Should I bother with the rest?
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Well imho Naomi, it's a great series right up to halfway through the penultimate episode :) That being said I'm sure it can save itself in the final one- I just hope it does :) x
Do adults watch this stuff? I thought it was for kid, like the Harry Potter books.
Me too, v_e - hence my late arrival - having been bludgeoned into it. In my opinion it would be for kids if it wasn't so sexually explicit and bloodthirsty. Spoilers or not, I doubt I'll stay the whole course - or even the course of Series 2.
ps. v_e, Harry Potter. Now you're talking! Must be the kid in me! :o)
naomi24 Keep watching.
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Don't be a snob VE, it's just Lord of the Rings with BDSM ;-) x
naomi24 Then again....if you like Harry Potter maybe not.
Now you've mentioned sex and violence I'll have to start watching it it, Naomi.

Is Calico Girl in it? And if not, why not?
anagram, I'll give a couple of episodes of series 2 a go. It's taken me ages to plough through the first series.
Tempting eh, v_e?

I'm pretty sure Calicogirl isn't in it.
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No I'm not VE- I was seen for it several times but never cast, bit sad about that, it's one I would have liked, but I have other fish to fry now so doesn't really matter, and their casting was consistantly excellent imho :) x
On reflection, and at my age, perhaps I ought to give it a miss.
Not good for the ticker - or so my husband tells me. :o)
Anagram, I should have said Harry Potter is a unique conception and brilliantly researched and written. And that’s not the opinion of the kid in me. :o)
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I love Harry Potter- Have you been sorted on Pottermore Naomi? I got sorted into Ravenclaw, and Mr Cal got me a lovely stuffed Niffler for my birthday :)

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Well Game Of Thrones Now Sucks :(

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