Well Game Of Thrones Now Sucks :(

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Calicogirl | 09:02 Tue 14th May 2019 | Media & TV
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I can't get over the lame, lazy screen writing now for Game of Thrones.
Everything is being wound up in a nasty unfulfilling rushed way because they can't option the actors for any more series without paying them a King's ransom, and tbh I feel utterly cheated. Meh.

Is anyone else really disappointed in it now?


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Game of thrones always sucked. You've only just realised this
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Yeah well hopefully Jeremy Kyle comes riding along on his giant Sewer Rat in the last episode and makes it more palatable to you Naysayer :) x
Did read the first Harry Potter for a few dozen pages to see what all the fuss was about. Abandoned it because of the wooden prose and lack of nuance and subtlety in the characterisation.

Mind you, VE as a literary critic did the same thing with "Far from the Madding Crowd". When Gabriel Oak first saw Bathsheba Everdene she was in a buggy crossing (in Hardy's words) a "grassy protuberance on the surface of the earth". I couldn't be dealing with that kind of stuff, could I? And that's as far as I've read Hardy apart from a short story and maybe a poem.

Since the I've loved the marvellous serialisations of Hardy on BBC2 in its early days: Tess, Mayor of Casterbridge, Woodlanders and Jude. And the gorgeous film of the novel I'd abandoned after the first chapter. Lovely Peter Finch, Alan Bates. Oh, Julie Christie.
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My dirty literary secret VE is that I can't bear to read Tolkein. I love the stories but something about the way he writes makes me cringe. I think we all have them, I also cannot abide a whole host of others for that matter especially Jane Austen and Agatha Christie :) x
Funny you mention Tolkien, Calico Girl. All the rage with the Uni set who were protesting about just about anything when I was a very young window-cleaner with my first wife. Must be crap, I thought, if they like it.

A far later VE avatar was told by one of our contract programmers and enthusiastic drinking buddy "Read him, you'll like it". And on Dicko's recommendation so I did - all of them. Explained why the boss was referred to by an office clique as Gollum. But never so enamoured that I watched any of the films.
Loved all T. Hardy books. Mind you, didn't read a book until I was about 45. (read children's books until I was 11, of course)
^ I read Tolkien when I was a kid and really enjoyed them. Didn't realise they had any deep, grown-up, meaning. lol.
I've never ready and Harry Potter books and the one film I did go and see years ago with the big serpent thing in it, I fell asleep halfway through. Not my cup of tea.

GoT on the other hand I could watch over and over again and never tire of it. I love it so much.

I guess this series has been quite fast paced and a lot of the character deaths have been seen as poetic justice based on their past actions or prophecy, but the producers did say 2 years ago that this would be the last season so they've had to cram a lot in.

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Well Game Of Thrones Now Sucks :(

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