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What Is A Porky?

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ToraToraTora | 20:16 Wed 29th May 2024 | Jobs & Education
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There are a lot of BS posts in news accusing people of telling lies but rarely are there any examples given so I am Offering a service. What is a lie? Over to you.



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Over to you Foreign Secretary 😂

A lie is a statement, an assertion, that the speaker knows is untrue.

I love TTT.

bookbinder - // A lie is a statement, an assertion, that the speaker knows is untrue. //

Exactly, which is why when someone says "Are you calling me a liar?", you can confidently reply with "No, but I'm saying that you are saying is not true."

It sounds the same - but it's not.

For example - if someone believes the earth is flat and they tell you that the earth is flat, they are not telling a lie, because they believe what they say to be the truth.

The fact is, what they are saying is not true, but their belief that it is true means that they are not lying, merely stating something that is not the truth. 

It goes further than that. I've heard some folk accuse others of lying when all that's happened is that less information has been given than could have been. Clearly nothing to do with lying.

What service are you offering? Allowing members to post on their usual site?

Thanks Shadowmod. x

yeah Doug I was thinking ...   well

no posts, no lies....

Douglas - I have no idea what your post means, any chance of clarification?


Tora says he's offering a service, Mr Hughes, but doesn't seem to have detailed what it is.

Hope this helps. x

Yes thank you.

A lie is telling the H of C that you weren't at a party during Covid when you clearly were, then a fine ensues. That's a lie.

Why is this in Jobs & Education?

I think  TTT maybe thinks it's a job. But we'll have to wait and see if he confirms that. 

Dont answer that Doug!

because everyone lies to get a job

Its being economical with the truth.

A terminological inexactitude, according to Mr Churchill.

A cartoon pig?

To assist in this definition, I can tell you what is not a lie; anything that Boris Johnson says.


In the fullness of time, I fully expect Nigel Farage’s name to be added to that of Boris Johnson (above).

Don't forget Thatcher

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