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Should I Start Looking For A New Job?

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abbeylee90 | 18:12 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | Jobs & Education
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Basically my hours have been cut in selco to 24 hours for 4 weeks as I am not grasping the products with it becoming summer it is getting busy and they can't have another cashier with me so if I don't grasp within 4 weeks won't be able to have me as a cashier. I am very upset as I enjoy it.



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Why don't you focus on the job then? It ain't rocket is it?

Abbey, enjoying work isn't really the point though - you've got to be able to do the job you're being paid for! You could start looking for another job, but it took you a long time (and quite a few setbacks) to get this one. Could you not go all out to learn how to do the job properly, how to grasp things a bit quicker? 

Maybe you could try to learn more about the products? 


You have 4 weeks to improve your knowledge. Surely it's better to improve on your current post rather than find something else and have to start from square one? 

Abbey, you said you'd worked in retail before - why is this job proving to be so difficult for you? You'll know, from your time in the care home and the cleaning company,  that employers can't 'carry' employees who can't cope with what's required.

PS If you were to look for a new job, what kind of thing would you have in mind? 

Focus fully on your job. See if there are product  lists you can take home to swot up on. Things like what to wear and who to date should be put aside for now.

It's worrying that they're reducing your gives you less time to learn the products. I hope it doesn't mean they're slowly edging you out until they can replace you.

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Even my boss said it wasn't his decision. The store managers were on his case saying it has been 10 weeks.

If you apply yourself, concentrate  and learn you'll be fine.  If you don't and they can't have you as a cashier, what job will they put you on?

Definitely - get as many new jobs as you can as quickly as possible - it will look good on your CV.

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Naomi yes one of the girls had her probation extended twice because of her product knowledge.

If they can't have me as a cashier they will keep me to cleaning which is 5 days a week 2 hours per day.

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Dave it won't but been in selco 5 months.

What products do they sell and what is it that you have to learn about them?


Abbey, if you really enjoy this job, then do all you can to learn the products. Speak to your boss... make them aware that you are keen to progress and do well. Put being upset to the back of your mind as it isn't helpful. 

And, is far better to enjoy the work you do than to hate it. It makes getting up to go to work in the morning a good feeling. 

//5 days a week 2 hours per day.//

That's not a job - it's a pastime.

Abbey, the thought of having your hours cut (again... and to cleaning, again!) should perhaps be the spur you need for you to apply yourself to gaining more product knowledge? You enjoy working there, you must be getting used to having full-time wages - surely it'd be better to do what's needed (learn the products, show you're capable of that) than start all over again somewhere else? 


Abbey, you need to knuckle down and learn.  Once you've done that you'll know the products and keep the job.  

Learn the products. Go on the Selco website and look under each product type, eg building materials, insulation etc. the site is well laid out and there is a picture of each product. Spend the time you are not at work learning what each item looks like and what it is used for.

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Yes I have a catalogue at work but depends how busy it is.

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I've started saving for a car so really don't want it to come to that 

Abbey, if you can't take the catalogue home with you, could you not look at it at lunch-time and tea-breaks? 

Yes, use every spare minute for learning.  Could you write a brief crib/reminder sheet to have by you at the till as a memory-jogger?

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Should I Start Looking For A New Job?

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